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Murder Nova Discusses Crash While Testing for NPK in Alabama

For those of you that have missed it, about one month ago Shawn and his Murder Nova were out testing in Alabama, and what looked like the perfect pass, suddenly turned bad and Shawn ended up putting the Murder Nova into the wall.

The reason why we say that he had the perfect pass at Alabama International Dragway is the fact that as soon as he left the line the car had one wheel up in the air and was going straight as an arrow toward the finish line.

Video by Murder Nova

The bad thing happened when his Chevrolet Nova had an oil line blow off which created quite a mess under the car at high speeds. When the car ran over its own oil, it really lost control, violently swerving around the track. Shawn tried to keep it out of the wall, unfortunately, he was unsuccessful and the car did get into the wall at the top end of the track and scraped the side quite a bit.

Photo by Murder Nova

As Ellington and Phantom get ready to head to Rockingham for the next upcoming No Prep Kings event, they took a minute to tell everybody all about exactly what happened during the test session where things went sideways quite literally as Ellington ended up in the wall.

Apparently, the crew didn’t even bring its own cameras to the session, as they said that it was supposed to be a quick and easy test of the equipment where they were going to go to the track, make a couple of hits, and go home. However, as Shawn points out, it seems like nothing can ever go that smoothly as the crew ended up getting tangled into several of precarious situations.

The perfect NPK Nova. Photo by Murder Nova

This time, we tune in as they give us the rundown of exactly what happened and how the car ended up in the wall. We also get to learn a little bit more about the exact damage to Murder Nova and where the car is now.

Video by 187 Customs

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