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Monza Reveals New Street Car. Will it Replace Chevelle???

Monza, the renowned street racer, has recently unveiled his newest automotive endeavor: a 1981 Ford Fairmont. In a recent video, Monza showcased the result of his two months of dedicated work, demonstrating the immense effort and passion he poured into this project.

Photo by Monza 405 Motorsports

The Ford Fairmont, characterized by its 5-inch longer wheelbase, is essentially a modified version of the Fox Body platform. Monza explains that while he isn't the biggest fan of the car itself, he chose it due to its affordability as a daily drivable street car that can be transformed into a high-performance machine. He opted for an old-school approach in the build to enable him to handle all the tuning personally, while his partner Brandon focuses on his own car.

Monza acquired the car with a broken engine, but through hard work and perseverance, he managed to revive it. The revitalized vehicle now boasts a powerful 572-inch big block Chevy engine fitted with two Nitrous Outlet kits, and it runs on E85 fuel for optimal versatility. The engine alone produced an impressive 900 horsepower on the dyno, complemented by the inclusion of a plate and a fogger.

Photo by Monza 405 Motorsports

The exterior of the car received a fresh coat of metallic gray paint, a color set to debut on upcoming Chevy trucks and SUVs in 2023. Monza shares that he finds himself increasingly drawn to the color each day, contemplating a new name for the car that matches its aesthetic.

Various upgrades have been implemented throughout the vehicle. Monza and his team revamped the interior, installing a new dash, dash pad, door panels, and carpet. They also introduced a new 8.8 rear end, a new K-member, long-travel struts, control arms, and brakes. The exhaust system extends all the way back past the rear end, incorporating two mufflers on each side.

Despite being a Ford model, Monza radiates excitement for this particular car, evident in the tremendous effort and passion he dedicated to its construction. He eagerly anticipates taking it out on the road for the upcoming No Prep King event, with high expectations for its performance.

Overall, Monza's latest project car stands as a testament to his prowess as an automotive builder and his unwavering passion for street racing. While some may have reservations about the car's make, Monza's commitment is evident in his transformation of the Ford Fairmont into an affordable, daily drivable street car that excels in terms of speed and performance. We eagerly await witnessing the car's performance at the upcoming No Prep King event and extend our best wishes to Monza and his team!

Video by Monza 405 Motorsports

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