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Lizzy Musi Private Test Session at Virginia Motorsport Park

Lizzy Musi is no stranger to the drag racing world, having grown up in a family of racers and making her own mark in the sport at a young age. She has since become a name in the world of drag racing, with multiple championships and records to her name. Lizzy is widely regarded as one of the most talented and dedicated racers in the sport, and her passion for drag racing is evident in every pass she makes.

Photo by LIMO Guy At-LARGE

On April 10, 2023, the Virginia Motorsport Park was buzzing with excitement as renowned drag racer Lizzy Musi geared up for a test session in her Bonnie Camaro. The test session at Virginia Motorsport Park was a chance for Musi and her team to fine-tune Bonnie before the start of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 6. As the car roared down the dragstrip, spectators were treated to the sight and sound of one of the most powerful and impressive drag cars in the world.

Photo by LIMO Guy At-LARGE

Musi and her team made several passes during the test session, each one faster and more mpressive than the last. The Bonnie launched off the line with lightning-fast speed, leaving a trail of smoke and rubber behind it as it hurtled down the track. As Musi and her team worked to perfect the car's performance, fans and fellow racers looked on with admiration and respect.

At the end of the test session, Musi and her team emerged with a car that was finely tuned and ready to take on the competition. Bonnie had once again proven itself to be one of the most formidable cars in the world of drag racing, and Musi had shown why she is one of the best racers in the sport.

Photo by LIMO Guy At-LARGE

For fans of drag racing, the test session at Virginia Motorsport Park was an experience with high-appreciated footage from the LIMO Guy At-LARGE. Watching Lizzy Musi and Bonnie in action was a true spectacle, and a reminder of the passion and dedication that fuels the world of drag racing.


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