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Lizzy Musi Prepares to Take on No Prep Kings Season 7 Amidst Cancer Battle

Street Outlaws fans are eagerly anticipating the return of racing sensation Lizzy Musi in No Prep Kings Season 7, as she faces both the challenges of the intense racing circuit and her ongoing battle with cancer. Despite the uncertainties surrounding her health, Lizzy is determined to participate in the upcoming season, showcasing her resilience and determination to conquer both the track and her health struggles.

Photo by Lizzy Musi 

Health Update: As of the end of December, Lizzy Musi shared that she would continue her cancer treatment while actively participating in No Prep Kings Season 7. The racing community, along with fans, expresses their collective hope for Lizzy's swift recovery and successful cancer treatment. Although there is no recent cancer update, fans remain optimistic that Lizzy will overcome this obstacle and return to full health.

No Prep Kings Season 7 Challenges: No Prep Kings Season 7 promises to be more challenging than ever, with a total of 19 races scheduled – three more than the previous season. The increased number of races adds extra stress and demands on all participants, including Lizzy. The racing community eagerly anticipates Lizzy's presence on the track and hopes she can complete the entire season despite the heightened workload.

Photo by DragZine

Lizzy's Impressive Track Record: Lizzy Musi has become a formidable force in the No Prep Kings series, consistently delivering outstanding performances. In the previous season, she showcased her skill behind the wheel of a new, incredibly fast car, winning multiple races. Despite not participating in the qualifier race in November, Lizzy's track record and her remarkable achievements in previous seasons make her a strong contender for success in Season 7.

Photo by Lizzy Musi 

The Last of the Nitrous Cars: Lizzy's new car, allegedly weighing a mere 2350 lbs with her in it, is set to be one of the last remaining nitrous cars in the No Prep Kings series. As the racing landscape has evolved, only the lightweight nitrous cars, including Lizzy's and Jerry Bird's, remain competitive. The reduced weight provides a significant advantage, but tuning nitrous cars is known to be more challenging than their blower or ProCharger counterparts.

Photo by Lizzy Musi 

Anticipating Victory: Despite the tough competition and the technical challenges of tuning a nitrous car, fans and experts alike anticipate Lizzy Musi's success in No Prep Kings Season 7. With her impressive track record and the remarkable performance of her new lightweight car, Lizzy stands as a formidable threat to her competitors. As fans rally behind her on both the track and in her health battle, Lizzy Musi's journey in Season 7 promises to be one filled with determination, resilience, and, hopefully, victory.

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