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Lizzy Musi Is Seeking New Racing Operation for Bonnie Camaro After Calling Off The Wedding

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Lizzy Musi was met with mixed reception when she jumped into the no-prep scene in 2018. Hardcore no-prep racers wondered if she’d catch on after a handful of successful years in PDRA Pro Nitrous competition. But after Musi won three consecutive races on the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings tour 2019 season, nearly everyone has come around to the idea of Musi not only competing in no-prep, but also running at the front.

Lizzy Musi and “Bonnie” are set up for even more success in 2022. Pat brought the nitrous-assisted, Musi-powered Camaro in-house at Musi Racing in Mooresville, North Carolina, where it’s undergone a series of upgrades. That includes a trip to nearby Robert Hayes Motorsports, where Hayes beefed up the chassis to improve the car’s drivability, an issue that Musi worked around as much as possible last season.

Lizzy Musi ended No Prep Kings season 5 pretty good in 9th spot. That is further back than where she ended season 4 and season 3. Once the season ended, some Street Outlaws fans assumed that she was seeking to purchase the Bonnie Camaro from Pat Musi Racing Engines. All of the drama would come from the Great 8 at Alabama, when Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley came face to face to race for the championship. Race was promoted as the battle of the household.The outcome was with Lizzy Musi won the race, which sparked some tension between the two. Since Lizzy won the race, it was over for Kelley, resulting in Ryan going on to the next round. Kelley is in disbelief at the fact that Lizzy beat him in the race. On the other hand, he also had a fallout with his in-laws but said they are working on it to make it work. After the race, Pat also commented on him, saying,” champion doesn’t beg for wins.”

Nobody can take away the legendary status of Pat Musi and his incredible success in building racing engines for years, but it seems that he has been the reason for the drama of this power couple that we all like and follow. Lizzy is tied to her dad and her sponsors, so will she purchase the other whole racing operation or at least the Bonnie Camaro. We don’t think it happens this year, because it takes a lot of money to actually purchase the car, the trailers and the operation also. There’s been a lot of rumors out, a lot of misinformation out right now. So let’s see what happens between them 3 this year!

Photo by Pat Musi Racing Engines

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