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Lizzy Musi at the 405 Taking On Street Outlaws

The No Prep Kings championship is back, and we all expected to see a fierce comeback from last year's runner-up, who lost to Ryan Martin and the Fireball Camaro. However, it seems like this year, she will give the reigning champion a run for his money, as she has found a way to overcome the problems that her Aftershock car faced last year.

In other words, her dad, Pat Musi, has managed to make significant improvements to the car, making it faster and more consistent than before. In this video she takes on a few guys from the 405 as well as drag week legend, Larry Larson who we all know is one very tough competitor, so check out the video and see how she did against them.

Video by National No Prep Racing Association

Lizzy and Pat Musi Engines Team is getting fired up for the next No Prep season! Pat personally assembled Lizzy’s motor to make sure everything is perfect for testing coming up soon. Bonnie is ready to go as soon as Lizzy gets back from Australia wish luck!

Video by Pat Musi Racing Engines

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