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Latest Developments: Monza's Potential Chevelle Sale and Return to NPK in Street Outlaws

Greetings, Street Outlaw enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the buzz surrounding Monza's potential comeback to the no prep Kings circuit or the intriguing possibility of him putting his current racing machine up for sale. Stay engaged, fellow fans – don't forget to subscribe, comment, and stay tuned for more exclusive coverage on Street Outlaw's NPK series and related shows.

The noticeable absence of Monza has left a notable void in both the no prep Kings realm and other Street Outlaw productions. As devoted followers eagerly await his next move, Monza recently posed a question to fans, prompting speculation about his imminent endeavors. Personally, I'm eager to witness Monza take on the challenging no prep Kings, armed with his latest powerhouse, featuring an MH7 procharged motor from Prine, meticulously assembled by Cameron Johnson Race Car.

Dismissing claims that his vehicle is outdated, it's essential to clarify that Monza's car, constructed by Cameron Johnson Race Cars a mere two to three years ago, secured victory in the last race of Season 6. Contrary to outdated notions, this is a modern, up-to-date machine that's far from being obsolete.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Running the NPK circuit involves a substantial financial commitment, particularly for a rigorous 15-race season. Managing the car, motorhome, trailer, and other essentials demands significant funding, making it a formidable undertaking without reliable sponsors. While optimism surrounds Monza's potential sponsorship, nuances of securing financial backing remain an enigma.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

While I personally can't contribute financially, there might be benevolent individuals with the means to support Monza in his quest for NPK glory. The financial demands are substantial, and embarking on this venture without proper support is a daunting task. The anticipation surrounding Monza's new racing machine has been palpable, from its construction phase to the highly awaited race debut.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Another tantalizing prospect is Monza potentially parting ways with his current car, paving the way for the resurrection of the OG split bumper Camaro. However, the fate of street racing on Street Outlaws remains uncertain. Should the OG Camaro make a comeback, it could feature in regular no prep races or potentially make waves in street shows if they make a return next season. The future holds many uncertainties, with no official confirmation of Street Outlaw shows for the upcoming season.

In summary, while the excitement for Monza's potential return to the racing scene is palpable, the financial realities of such a venture cannot be understated. Sponsors and substantial funding are indispensable for witnessing Monza's triumphant comeback in the high-stakes world of no prep Kings. Stay tuned for more updates as the saga unfolds!

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