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Things You Did Miss about Kye Kelley and His New Fiancee

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If you like to keep the latest updates of drag racing, then you might even watch the show “Street Outlaws” on Discovery Channel. This means, you know, Kye Kelly, the famous car racing driver. But there is always more of the story behind the camera.

Discovery Channel brings the reality show “Street Outlaws” among the people who have a passion for racing. The show is all about street racing without any rules. Who is Kye Kelly?

Here we got all the detail of Kye Kelley. Take a look.

Early Life & Biography.

Born in Mississippi, United States, Kye was raised from a middle-class family in Magnolia, Mississippi. He spent his entire childhood with a younger sister named “Lacey Kelley”. She got married to Jay Howell. Kye is an American Citizen and belongs to a white ethnical background. He received semi-scholarship from South Pike Senior High School.

From an early age he became interested in cars and in order to make his dream come true of owning a car, he found two jobs when he was still only 13 years old, milking cows on nearby farms and working in a grocery store on as a bagger, meantime attending South Pike Senior High School. He fulfilled his dream just two years after finding his first job, then obtaining his driving license, and his racing career was ready to start.


Before he made a name for himself as a racer, Kye worked in an oil refinery company; staring as a simple “Fire Watcher”, he eventually reached the position of superintendent, and 250 people were answering to him. It took him ten years to become a superintendent, but only a few years to quit the job and focus on his own business, opening the car shop named Down South Performance, with his business partner Greg Champagne, with headquarters in McComb, Mississippi.

His first car was his friends 1965 Chevy II Nova, but then he bought his first car at the age of 15, and would travel to Mississippi or New Orleans for Da Pad drag racing. In his first race, Kye not only won the race, but also set the record, which earned him the title of being the fastest person around. With the enhancement of these skills and growing popularity, he got noticed by influential personalities from street racing, which included “Justin Shearer”, also known as Big Chief, he recruited Kye and held a car racing competition with a few other big names like Daddy Dave, and others though he lost his first race but equaled the competition by winning in the second race.

Due to his success, he was starred in the reality television series “Street Outlaws” with the top car racers as Daddy Dave, Doc, Big Chief, …. and exhibited his amazing racing skills.

His dominance made him popular and rich, which earned him a new car, “The Shoker”, which is essentially a 1992 Chevy Camaro but heavily modified, with an upgraded engine, two nitrous kits, and numerous other customizations that made his car faster. In 2015 he had the chance to compete against 14-time world champion racer Mike Murillo at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Lexington, Oklahoma, and won the race, but his victory was overruled as it was determined that Key left the start line before the order.

Photo by Kye Kelley Instagram

Street Outlaws Changed Kye Kelley’s Life.

Kye Kelly is an underground racer who has received immense recognition and fame after getting featured in a popular reality TV show “Street Outlaws”. In his entire car racing career, he has won races against various notable racers, that includes Bobby “Hollywood” Treadwell, Daddy Dave, Doc.

His supremacy made him highly successful and wealthy that earned him “The Shocker”. It is a 1992 Chevy Camaro with two nitrous kits, an upgraded engine, and several other types of customizations that made it run at lightning speed.

In 2015, he got the opportunity to compete against a fourteen-times world champion car racer named “Mike Murillo” in Lexington, Oklahoma.

Due to fantastic car racing performance, he has garnered a lot of fans on social media. Kye is an internet celebrity on various social media platforms. Kye regularly posts information regarding his career, which includes announcements of upcoming car racing competitions, recent career endeavors, and other highlights. He has more than 400.000 followers on his official Facebook page. He has more than 170.000 followers on his Instagram page.

Kye Loves Hunting and Fishing.

When not racing, Kye goes for hunting in the forest as well as fishing. Back in 2018, he took a selfie of his first deer hunting and shared it on his social media.

Kye Kelly shared his first experienced deer hunting in 2018 with his fans

Furthermore, he goes on the sea with his girlfriend, Lizzy Musi, for fishing. He even posts numerous pictures of carrying the giant fishes on his social accounts. In 2018, he went on a trip alongside his girlfriend and swamp studs and caught a monster fish.

Kye Kelley caught a giant fish

Kye Kelley’s Dog Has its Own Social Account.

Kye Kelly is a huge fan of the French bulldog, a breed dog. Kelley and his girlfriend Musi welcomed a new family member back in June 2019, a dog named Biggie Smalls.

They get a cute little Frenchie from Famous Frenchie of Norcal. The couple even shared the first photo of their dog on each Instagram.

Kelley wrote on the caption “World meet Biggie Smalls.”

In fact, this little cute Biggie Smalls has its own Instagram that is managed by Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley. It’s Instagram goes by “biggiesmallz_01” that has over 1400 followers. Bigge Smalls Instagram is loaded with its pictures.

Kye Kelley is in Love with Racer Lizzy Musi.

Kelley and Musi first ran into each other during a PDRA event that Kye was competing in. He was set to take part in a grudge race. Lizzy revealed that she had no clue who Kye was at the time. Back then, she had no idea who the Street Outlaws were. Kye, however, had already interacted with the Musi family.

She knew Lizzy’s father, who in turn, introduced him to her. The pair of them became fast friends, with Musi noting that Kelley was cool and collected.

Other than that, they had a fair amount of hobbies in common, included a shared love for racing. He was just the kind of man Lizzy usually went for. Consequently, a relationship would soon blossom. Musi even joined the cast of Street Outlaws after a time.

Reports recently surfaced that Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi are set to get married. In fact, they have been engaged since the 31st of July 2021. According to the official Street Outlaws Facebook page, Kye proposed to Musi during the Darlington Dragway Weekend. The news did not come as surprise as they had been dating for a while.

Kye hang out for dinner with his love, Lizzy

Net Worth & Salary of Kye Kelley in 2022.

Kye Kelly is one of the famous faces in the world of car racing. To date, he has participated in several car racing competitions, including the fight against the fourteen-times world level champion “Mike Murillo”. His net worth is estimated to be $800.000 as of January 2022.

Kye beat Mike Murillo in car racing but was later declared to have lost the game as he stared a little early from the actual time of staring the race.

In love with racing cars, Kye owns his brand-new Jet ace and modern racing car “The Shocker” that is built with two nitrous kits, heavy-duty engines, and several levels of customizations to make it run at a laser speed. He is the pioneer of the Orleans racers out of road Outlaws. He also has an operation store at Mc Comb, Mississippi, that contributes to his net worth.

Though he struggled at the beginning of his career, he later succeeded and registered several significant wins that have helped him earn a thousand dollars. In addition to it, Kye was also featured in the top reality Television series named “Street Outlaws” with Big Chief, Daddy Dave, Doc, and other prominent stars showcasing their brilliant car racing skills.

Kye Kelly is one of the prominent street car racer as well as a popular television personality. From his exceptional car racing skills, he has become an inspiration for several car racing fans and garnered massive popularity on social media.

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