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Kye Kelley Revs Up Small Tire No Prep Races During NPK Off-Season

Street Outlaws fans, get ready for some exciting updates on one of your favorite racers during the NPK off-season! In this edition of Street Outlaws No Prep Talk, we delve into Kye Kelley's recent ventures into small tire no prep events, giving you an inside look at his racing plans and the thrilling action on the track.

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing 

Kai Kelly's No Prep Adventures:

As the NPK off-season unfolds, Kye Kelley is making waves in the world of small tire no prep racing. While some racers are hitting the World Series of ProMod, Kye Kelley is taking a different route, showcasing his skills in small tire events. With the off-season providing opportunities to explore diverse racing platforms, Kelley is set to participate in the $122,000-to-win no prep race at Evale Dragway.

Scheduled for the upcoming weekend, Kelley plans to hit the track with his Buick, named Claude, equipped with what is believed to be a small block nitrous combination. However, there's an intriguing twist – Kelley has been testing both Claude and the Shocker on small tires. Fans might witness him switch things up and race the Shocker with a massive 737 cubic inch Pat Musi motor at the Evale Dragway event.

Beyond Evale Dragway, Kelley is also gearing up for another no prep challenge at Montgomery Raceway on March 9th. The event takes place on a fresh track, adding an extra layer of excitement to Kelley's small tire endeavors.

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing 

The No Prep King's Strategy:

Despite the anticipation for Season 7 of the No Prep Kings series, the official schedule is yet to be released. Fans can expect it to drop in March, with the season likely commencing in April. In the meantime, Kye Kelley is seizing the opportunity to fine-tune his skills and keep the adrenaline pumping by participating in smaller no prep events.

Jang Lang's Weight Loss and Car Updates:

In other news, Jang Lang is ready to take on the NPK with his car having undergone some significant changes. The car shed a few pounds, putting it on a diet to enhance its performance. Lang's car, featuring a screw-blown 49 nun and Hemi combination, showed promising results at the Arizona qualifier race. Despite initial struggles on Friday night, Lang powered through to the semi-finals, facing tough competition from Ryan twice W.

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing 

Looking Ahead:

With Kye Kelley revving up for small tire no prep races and Jang Lang making strategic adjustments to his car, fans can't help but eagerly anticipate the upcoming NPK season. The thrill of the unexpected, combined with the passion of these seasoned racers, promises an electrifying season 7 for Street Outlaws fans.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates, race highlights, and exclusive insights into the world of Street Outlaws and the No Prep Kings series. Subscribe, comment, and buckle up for a wild ride with Kye Kelley and the rest of the Street Outlaws crew!

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