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Kye Kelley in Trouble Again in Willowbank Australia

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Last year was definitely not the best year that Kye Kelley had in his racing career and there are numerous things that prove this.

First, and we are pretty sure he would say the most important is the fact that his bellowed car, The Shocker ended up in a pile of broken parts after his friend David Gates crashed it during testing. The idea was that while his car was not finished and was probably not going to take him thru the Race You Way In part of the event, The Shocker is his best chance to get him thru the selection and have him in Kye Kelley’s corner for the rest of the races.

Photo by Street Outlaws

Unfortunately, in their heist, they did not “walk the track” and could not see that there was a pretty big amount of tree sap in the lane that he was testing in, which resulted in the car violently turning left, a maneuver that could not have been corrected in time to save the car from crashing.

Honestly, we have never seen Kye Kelley so devastated after losing his bellowed car, but somehow, he managed to pull thru all this and get his other car back in the game and ready to race, which as funny as it might sound, ended up again in the hands of David Gates for the rest of the No Prep Kings season.

Photo by Street Outlaws

Be that as it may, today we find him in trouble again, as he races halfway around the world from his home in Willowbank Australia, and right from the staging procedure, or from the burnout to be exact, there are signs that something is not working as it should.

Street outlaws at Willowbank Raceway. Photo by Import Media

Even the burnout itself is not looking good, so the run is not going to be any better either, so let us check out this video and see what happens next.


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