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Kye Kelley Brand-new Shocker is Ready for Championship Title against Ryan Martin in NPK 2022

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

As you may know, Street Outlaws star Kye Kelley’s beloved Shocker – a third-generation Camaro ended up going down in a blaze of glory. This is because the car was involved in a nasty accident during a street test session as driven by one of Kelley’s friends. Fortunately, everybody did end up walking away from the incident.

On Kelley’s Youtube channel, he told us the story of what exactly it was that happened to the car and how it got all wadded up. It would seem that Kelley wanted to lend the car to his friend to help with a racing effort. However, when push came to shove, the transition of drivers didn’t exactly go as easy as Kelley thought they would go. According to Kelley, the Shocker is a total loss but he doesn’t blame the driver for the situation.

Photos by Kye Kelley Youtube

Early this month “Street Outlaws” star Kye Kelley revealed his new purpose-built “No Prep Kings” Chevrolet Camaro, which was finished by Larry Jeffers Race Cars and powered by a Pat Musi 959 cubic-inch nitrous mill along with a Mark Micke TH400 transmission. The car is a replacement of sorts to the original “Shocker,” and will likewise take over starting-lineup duties in place of the later-model Camaro, “Aftershock,” that he’s been campaigning with considerable success.

The new black-on-black “Shocker” rolled out of Jeffers’ shop at the most opportune of times, as the “No Prep Kings” circuit now has a much-needed seven-week hiatus. This will allow Kye and the Musi camp time to test and prepare for a run at the title against Ryan Martin and the rest of the top hitters in the series over the final seven races, which resume in Tulsa on August 12.

Photos by Larry Jeffers Race Cars

There were two big tires Shockers being built by Larry Jeffers Race Cars and the other one by West Race Cars, which is going to be a big tire street race car most likely to be ran on America’s List season 3. Kye Kelley definitely likes third-generation Camaros so he basically has three third-generation Camaros and we will see them all on Street Outlaws End Game, No Prep Kings and on America’s List or any other spin-off show on the street.

Photo by Kye Kelley Instagram

Let’s catch up with the car that will most certainly be turning heads on the final seven races of NPK 2022. It looks like Kelley and his Shocker will be back stronger than ever!

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