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Kayla's Mustang Update for No Prep Kings Season 7: A Glimpse into the Racing Evolution

Street Outlaws fans and drag racing enthusiasts, get ready for an exclusive update on Kayla's Mustang as she gears up for No Prep Kings Season 7. In this article, we'll delve into the recent modifications made to her iconic Mustang, exploring the potential impact on her performance and the excitement surrounding the upcoming season.

Photo by Kayla Morton Racing "Hot Mess Express"

Chassis Upgrade:

Approximately two weeks ago, Kayla teased fans with a glimpse into the heart of her racing machine – the chassis. While specific details about the chassis work remain undisclosed, it's safe to speculate that the team focused on making strategic improvements, possibly replacing bars and optimizing the chassis for enhanced performance.

Weight Reduction Strategy:

Notably, the chassis work was accompanied by a brand new front end and doors, indicating a substantial portion of the body is now replaced. This overhaul suggests a lighter overall car, providing Kayla with a competitive advantage. While meeting minimum weight requirements is crucial, a lighter car allows for strategic weight distribution, offering better control and performance on the track.

Photo by Kayla Morton Racing "Hot Mess Express"

Consistency is Key:

Reflecting on the previous season, Kayla's speed was unquestionable, but consistency seemed to be a challenge. With the anticipated improvements, including a lighter chassis, she aims to address this concern. Consistency is the key to success in the world of drag racing, and with these modifications, Kayla is poised to become an even more formidable contender.

Photo by Kayla Morton Racing "Hot Mess Express"

Powerful ProCharger Prime Hemi Setup:

Kayla has consistently chosen the ProCharger Prime Hemi setup, and the upcoming season is no exception. While previously running the Mh6, she now boasts the upgraded Mh7 motor, promising more power with different cylinder heads and a modified camshaft. This upgrade aligns her with the cutting-edge technology necessary for dominating the No Prep Kings competition.

Dedicated Father-Daughter Team:

Kayla's racing success is not just an individual effort – it's a family affair. With her father working on the car and Chase Trisco as the tuner, the team synergy plays a pivotal role. Chase's experience in tuning multiple cars on NPK provides a significant advantage, ensuring a cohesive approach to optimizing performance across their fleet of racing machines.

Photo by Kayla Morton Racing "Hot Mess Express"

As Kayla's Mustang undergoes these exciting transformations, fans eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the revamped racing machine. With a lighter chassis, upgraded powertrain, and a focus on consistency, Kayla is poised to leave an indelible mark on No Prep Kings Season 7. Keep an eye on for further updates, exclusive insights, and in-depth coverage of Street Outlaws and the thrilling world of no-prep drag racing. The anticipation is building, and the countdown to an electrifying season is well underway!

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