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Kayla Morton and Love Affair with Boosted GT

"Street Outlaws" is a reality TV series featuring experienced drag racers who compete in Oklahoma City for a significant prize and title. The show premiered in June 2013 and quickly gained popularity among male audiences for its impressive display of cars, competitive dynamics, and adrenaline-fueled races that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. While the producers and cast initially struggled to figure everything out, the show's popularity continued to grow as the crew developed their newfound passion for the program. Interestingly, they never expected it to become such a big hit.

Most of the show's cast members share a passion for fast-moving vehicles and have an insatiable need for speed. One of the more intriguing subplots of the show revolves around Kayla Morton's relationship with Boosted GT, also known as Chris Hamilton. Fans are eager for an update on whether they are still together.

Who is Kayla Morton?

Kayla Morton is a well-known TV personality and skilled driver who rose to fame by appearing on "Street Outlaws" and being in a relationship with one of the racers, Boosted GT. With a father who was an ex-Pro Stock racer, Kayla has established a name for herself both on and off the track.

Kayla has spoken about growing up in the garage and thriving in a male-dominated industry. Her passion for cars and racing developed naturally, and she continued to learn and improve over time. While she initially raced for fun as a hobby, she eventually realized that she could use her skills to make money and launched a custom vehicle restoration shop. Her primary car was a 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang that was specifically customized for drag racing.

When Discovery and the team were seeking new challengers for the spin-off series, Kayla received a call from Big Chief asking her to participate in the show. After years of being on the show, Kayla took a break from racing but announced the return of the Hot Mess Express in December 2021, hoping to climb the ranks and earn some titles.

Although Kayla makes drag racing appear effortless, the sport has put her life in danger on multiple occasions. In early 2022, news reports revealed that the 28-year-old driver had been involved in an accident after her fuel line came loose during a test drive at Houston Raceway Park. Nevertheless, Kayla's passion for speed runs deep in her bloodline, and this setback did not deter her from continuing to pursue her dreams.

Who is Boosted GT?

Boosted GT, whose real name is Chris Hamilton, is a drag racer and reality TV personality who gained fame from his appearances on "Street Outlaws". Chris spent his early years in Fort Worth, Texas, where he was just a regular kid with a love for cars. His father was already an avid car enthusiast and taught Chris the basics of car mechanics, including how to modify, repair, and replace engines. This knowledge proved invaluable to him when he began racing, as he didn't have to rely on a mechanic to fix his car for him. He traded in his first car, a 1987 S10 Blazer, for a Mustang and eventually acquired his signature yellow 1995 Ford Mustang, which he fitted with a turbo to make it race-ready for street racing.

Boosted GT's involvement with Street Outlaws began when he participated in a race against the Oklahoma City crew in Texas, and the producers approached him to join the show as a regular in the third season. His driving skills, knowledge of car modification, and magnetic personality made him a fan favorite, leading to his inclusion in the show's spin-off series, "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings," which premiered in February 2018. When the producers asked him to be the race master for "Mega Cash Days," Boosted GT was honored and used his previous experience with Cash Days to prepare for the job. His level-headedness, professionalism, and ability to manage various personalities made him a perfect fit for the role. He learned that many drivers get nervous, angry, and agitated on the track, and that they rarely direct their anger towards the race master.

Boosted GT's no-nonsense attitude, combined with his humility and calmness, have endeared him to viewers of the show. He has gained a reputation as a level-headed racer who can manage various personalities, which is why he was selected as the race master for "Mega Cash Days."

The Journey of Kayla and Boosted

Kayla Morton is not married, but she has been in a long-term relationship with Chris Hamilton, also known as Boosted GT, who is a fellow drag racer and a TV personality on "Street Outlaws." Their relationship blossomed after they raced against each other on the show, where Boosted GT emerged as the faster racer. While they were already familiar with each other through mutual friends in the racing industry, they officially started dating after Kayla was invited by Big Chief to join the show.

Boosted GT and Kayla Morton had been friends before appearing on the show and respected each other as racers, maintaining a cordial relationship. However, their friendship quickly developed into love after they met on the show. Finding a partner who shares a passion for racing is challenging, and Kayla emphasized this when she mentioned, "It's incredibly difficult to find a partner who shares your passion for the sport and is so invested in it." Despite being a couple, they continued to compete against each other in races on the street.

It's unclear whether they are married or not, but Kayla Morton and Chris Hamilton are proud parents to two children, Austin and Cooper. Austin, Kayla's oldest child who is believed to be from a previous relationship, turned 17 in late August of last year. Kayla and Chris welcomed their second son, Cooper, in 2015. Kayla posted an adorable photo of Cooper on Facebook wearing a onesie that says "Boosted Baby," announcing that he is the newest member of the STK Racing team. Austin and Cooper have spent a significant amount of their childhood at the racetrack, with Austin even following in the family's footsteps. At just 7 years old, Cooper is already showing a keen interest in racing. The family reportedly lives in Chris' home state of Texas.

When did Kayla and Boosted's breakup happen?

Many people have been curious about the status of Kayla Morton and Chris "Boosted GT" Hamilton's relationship, especially since it was a notable subplot on the show. According to some sources, their love for cars and racing wasn't enough to keep them together, though the reason for their split is unknown. It's possible that their busy schedules and parenting duties played a role. Kayla appeared in the latest season of the show, while Boosted GT has been out of the public eye, leading some to speculate that they are no longer together. In fact, fans believe they avoid each other on the show. Rumors suggest that Boosted GT has moved on with someone new, but this has not been confirmed. As for Kayla, there is no word on whether she has started a new relationship, as neither of their Instagram accounts indicate any new romantic interests. It appears that if they are dating new people, they are keeping it very private.

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