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Kamikaze Chris' Twin Turbo Corvette Finally Finished!

Hey everyone, welcome back to! Today, we’ve got some exciting news straight from the world of street racing: Kamikaze Chris has finally completed his twin-turbo Corvette build, and it’s a sight to behold!

Photo by Kamikaze CHRIS 

For those who might not be familiar, Kamikaze Chris has been a staple in the Street Outlaws community. Ever since his unfortunate crash in the El Camino back in July 2020, we’ve been eagerly following his progress. Just a few months after the crash, Chris started on this exciting new Corvette project. Now, nearly four years later, the beast is finally ready to hit the tracks.

The Journey of the Build

Chris’ dedication and hands-on approach to building race cars are truly admirable. Most of the work on this Corvette has been done by Chris himself, a testament to his skill and passion. The new build is exceptionally lightweight, coming in at under 2,700 lbs with the chassis included. This makes it a very competitive contender, especially with the twin-turbo Hemi combination under the hood.

Initially, there was some speculation about whether Chris might opt for a ProCharger or another setup. However, he has decided to stick with turbos, a choice that has served him well in the past with the El Camino. The Hemi engine block he’s using is likely the same one from his previous build, showcasing both power and reliability.

Photo by Kamikaze CHRIS 

What’s Next for Kamikaze Chris?

While it’s still uncertain whether we’ll see this car competing in No Prep Elite, there are some exciting developments on the horizon. Rumor has it that in December, there will be live street racing events. Even though Discovery Channel is no longer affiliated with Street Outlaws, this potential event could see Chris and his Corvette tearing up the streets once again.

Photo by Kamikaze CHRIS 

If these street races do happen, we’re in for a real treat. Chris is a fan-favorite racer, and seeing him back in action with his purpose-built race car would be a thrilling sight. His journey from the El Camino crash to this new Corvette has been inspiring, and it’s clear that his passion for racing is as strong as ever.

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Kamikaze Chris has had an incredible journey in the Street Outlaws series. From racing with a screw blower in NPK Season 4 to running his street cars in the 405 show, he has continually pushed the limits. Now, with his new twin-turbo Corvette, Chris is ready to take on new challenges, whether in no prep races or on the streets.

Photo by Kamikaze CHRIS 

Even if he doesn’t compete in No Prep Kings, seeing Chris in other no prep races or street events will be a spectacle. His dedication and love for racing make him one of the most beloved characters in the Street Outlaws community. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kamikaze Chris and his newly finished Corvette.

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