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Justin Swanstrom Wins 2022 NPK Tulsa With NO Points Awarded

2022 NPK Tulsa found Justin Swanstrom winning over Lizzy Musi in the final round on Saturday. This is the first time a screw blown powered car wins the Invitational at NPK race.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom Facebook

He remains in fourth place because there will be no points awarded for this win.

It’s believed that the reason for this no points is due to the recent death of show’s producer Mike Helmann. He passed away right before the show restarts after much-needed seven-week hiatus. Several Street Outlaws stars have made tribute to Helmann, including Ryan Martin, Kye Kelley, Justin Swanstrom and so on.

Before the series took a break in July, Justin Swanstrom was tied with Jerry Bird at 210 points. Lizzy Musi is in third place with 230 points, while her fiancé ranks at top 2 with 320 points.

Photos by No Prep Instagram

Swanstrom and his team have done a lot of testing on his new screw blown combination in order to attack the season full force since the crash at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohanton, Pennsylvania and intake manifold at the New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire. This was Swanstrom’s first final win in NPK 2022 after beating Chuck Seitsinger in Round 1, Kye Kelley in Round 2, Larry Larson in Round 3 and Daddy Dave in semi-finals. Hopefully he will be winning again this year.

In the lane next to the Swangang’s Lexus is the New Jersey girl who managed to beat Shawn Wilhoit, the guy that took Ryan Martin out of the picture for this event, so we know that she is trying everything she can in order to deny Swanstrom his first win of the season. Lizzy Musi also has some amazing wins to advance to the final. She defeated Adam Jennings in Round 1, then Birdman in Round 2 and Doc in Round 3.

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings will now be off until August 26th and 27th, when the series regroups at Firebird Raceway in Idaho.

Photo by Lizzy Musi Facebook

Check out the video of No Prep FAM and see how Justin ‘Lil Country Swanstrom got the win in Tulsa.

Video by No Prep FAM

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