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Justin Swanstrom Takes on World Series of Pro Mod with New Blood Money Camaro

In the heart of the street racing scene, Justin Swanstrom, a seasoned racer from the No Prep Kings series, is gearing up for an exciting venture into the World Series of Pro Mod. The anticipation surrounding his participation is fueled by the unveiling of his new racing machine, the "Blood Money Camaro." This article delves into the details of Justin Swanstrom's entry into the prestigious $100,000-to-win Pro Mod event, exploring the features of his new ride and the expectations surrounding his performance.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Justin Swanstrom's World Series of Pro Mod Campaign: Scheduled for the beginning of March, the World Series of Pro Mod is a high-stakes event that attracts some of the best racers in the world. Justin Swanstrom, known for his prowess in No Prep racing, has decided to take on this challenge, bringing with him the experience gained from his participation in the No Prep Kings series.

The Blood Money Camaro: Justin Swanstrom's initial plan involved the construction of a Pro Mod by Wizard Race Cars, set to be completed towards the end of the year. However, a recent development saw Team Benga stepping in to provide him with a Pro Mod, eliminating the waiting period. The Blood Money Camaro, a state-of-the-art vehicle built by Larry Jeffers Race Cars, has now become Justin's chariot for the World Series of Pro Mod.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom 

Speculations on the Camaro's Origin: While details about the exact origin of the Blood Money Camaro are yet to be confirmed, there are speculations that it might be the same vehicle that Manny Benga raced last year—a Mustang built by Larry Jeffers Race Cars. Whether it's a continuation of the previous Camaro with a Roots blower or an entirely new beast, the anticipation surrounding the unveiling adds to the excitement for fans.

Powering the Beast: Equipped with a powerful engine from Prup, Justin Swanstrom is set to push the limits with a screw blower and N 49 setup. The transition from a Roots blower to a screw blower signals a move towards greater power and capability, essential for competing at the highest level in the World Series of Pro Mod.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom 

Expectations for Justin Swanstrom: With both Justin Swanstrom and his racing partner, Big Country, having significant experience in running Pro Mods, the duo has previously showcased their skills with a lightweight nitrous Camaro. The shift to a purpose-built Pro Mod, coupled with the advanced capabilities of the Blood Money Camaro, raises expectations for a formidable performance in the World Series of Pro Mod.

As Justin Swanstrom prepares to represent the No Prep Kings community in the World Series of Pro Mod, the unveiling of the Blood Money Camaro adds a layer of excitement to an already highly-anticipated event. Fans are eager to witness the capabilities of this new racing machine and see if Justin Swanstrom can secure victory in the $100,000-to-win Pro Mod event. Stay tuned to for the latest updates on Justin Swanstrom's journey in the World Series of Pro Mod and other street racing events.

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