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Justin Swanstrom's Impressive Win Against JR Gray at WSOPM & NPK Racers Qualified After Q3

Street Outlaws fans, buckle up for the latest updates from the World Series of Pro Mod (WSOPM) and the No Prep Kings (NPK) racers' qualifications after an intense Q3. In a thrilling showdown, Justin Swanstrom emerged victorious against JR Gray, setting the stage for an adrenaline-fueled racing series. Let's dive into the highlights of this grudge match and explore the current standings of some notable Street Outlaw racers.

Photo by World Series of Pro Mod

Justin Swanstrom vs. JR Gray Grudge Race: The recent grudge race between Justin Swanstrom and JR Gray had fans on the edge of their seats. Taking place on Rivals, the high-stakes encounter foreshadowed the excitement that would unfold at the World Series of Pro Mod Q3. JR Gray aborted a pass with a 395, strategically letting off early, while Justin Swanstrom pushed his limits, clocking an impressive 373 at 198 mph. However, a blown valve and a burst panel mishap left Swanstrom unqualified, adding an unexpected twist to the competition.

WSOPM Q3 Highlights: Despite the challenges faced by Justin Swanstrom, the third qualifying session of the WSOPM showcased outstanding performances from other racers. Chuck 55 and Mike Bowman went head-to-head, with Chuck 55 running a blistering 364 and Bowman closely following with a 366. Both racers secured their spots in the competitive field, setting the stage for an electrifying race series.

Notable Qualifiers and Top Performers: As the qualifying sheets from Q3 reveal, Mark Mickey continues to dominate with his twin-turbo car, reaching an impressive 220 mph. Jim Housey follows closely in second place with a Nitrous-assisted run of 360.9. Jason Harris, Spencer Hyde, and Stevie Jackson also secured notable positions in the top ten, showcasing the depth of talent in the Pro Mod racing scene.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom

Challenges Ahead for Justin Swanstrom and Mike Bowman: With the competition heating up, Justin Swanstrom faces the daunting task of securing a spot in the highly competitive field by running in the 360s. Meanwhile, Mike Bowman, currently qualified in the 26th position with a 366, must continue to push the limits to stay in contention. The upcoming qualifiers present an opportunity for these talented racers to showcase their skills and determination.

Anticipating Faster Times in Q4 and Q5: As the event progresses, fans can expect the competition to intensify in the remaining qualifiers. While Q4 is anticipated to bring challenging conditions during the day, the possibility of even faster times in Q5, scheduled for the evening, adds an extra layer of excitement. The tight field and the presence of legendary Pro Mod names promise a thrilling culmination to the World Series of Pro Mod.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom

Street Outlaws enthusiasts, stay tuned to for comprehensive coverage of the WSOPM, NPK Racers, and all the adrenaline-pumping Street Outlaw events. The drama, intensity, and sheer speed of the competition make this racing series a must-watch for fans of the street racing scene. Keep an eye on Justin Swanstrom, Mike Bowman, and the rest of the talented field as they continue to push the boundaries of Pro Mod racing excellence.

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