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Justin Swanstrom's Bad Blood Races Ahead of Prenup and Revs Up for NPK Season 7!

The anticipation is palpable as the street racing community gears up for the highly awaited NPK Season 7, and all eyes are on Justin Swanstrom and his crew as they prepare to unleash their newest beast onto the track. In a recent testing session, the team achieved remarkable results, leaving enthusiasts buzzing with excitement for what's to come.

With their latest project, dubbed "Bad Blood," the team has already notched up an impressive four full passes. What's even more astonishing is that Bad Blood has surpassed the speed of their previous powerhouse, Prenup. This feat is no small accomplishment, considering Prenup's reputation for blistering speeds in past seasons.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom

Last season, under NPK Rules, Prenup blazed down the track at 92%, clocking in at an impressive 376. However, with Bad Blood running at 98% over, the team is pushing the limits even further, harnessing more boost for the motor. Cory Swanstrom, a key member of the team, attests to Bad Blood's superior performance, confirming that the new car is not only faster but also lighter.

Weight plays a crucial role in street racing, and the team has capitalized on Bad Blood's lighter build. By shedding 25 lbs compared to Prenup, they have the flexibility to strategically distribute weight for optimal performance. This advantage, coupled with Justin's personal weight loss journey, positions the team for an even more competitive edge this season.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom

As excitement mounts for the upcoming NPK Season 7, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the showdown at Maple Grove. The chilly weather and optimal track conditions promise to set the stage for an electrifying competition. With rivals like Ryan and his red car, equipped with a screw blown combination, the stakes are higher than ever.

What sets this season apart is the individual format, a departure from previous team-based competitions. However, speculation abounds regarding the potential return of iconic teams like Team 405, and Team NOLA. Regardless of the format, one thing remains certain – NPK Season 7 is poised to be the most thrilling yet.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom

As the countdown to the season opener begins, street racing aficionados are brimming with anticipation, eager to witness who will emerge victorious. With Justin Swanstrom and his team leading the charge with Bad Blood, all signs point to an adrenaline-fueled season that promises to captivate fans worldwide. Stay tuned for updates as the action unfolds on the streets and tracks of NPK Season 7.

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