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Justin Swanstrom Provides Update on New Lexus "Side Piece" Build

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Justin Swanstrom, the illustrious winner of three Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings events, has provided an update on his latest Lexus build. With an impressive track record, including back-to-back third-place finishes in the NPK standings, he is hot on the trail of racers like Ryan Martin and Kye Kelley. Now, Swanstrom is ready to spill the beans on his recent endeavors, putting an end to the swirling rumors that have kept fans guessing.

Photo by Justin Swantrom

Renowned for his fierce competitive spirit and unwavering determination, Swanstrom has kept his activities tightly under wraps, leaving fans to speculate about his recent ventures. Finally, he has broken his silence, offering clarity and putting to rest any lingering doubts surrounding his exciting new project.

“I’ve been quiet, haven’t seen me say anything because there is nothing to be said to be honest. But some stories people come up with are wild,” Swanstrom commented, addressing the swirling rumors. He acknowledges the buzz and speculation surrounding his absence and the lack of updates but assures fans that they are nothing more than imaginative tales.

He promptly clarifies that he and Cameron, the individual working on the Lexus project, are not on bad terms, despite occasional disagreements that may have occurred along the way.

“We’ve known each other a long time, and he will continue to keep doing work on my cars as well! Yes, I am building a new Camaro with Wizard and will speak more on what the reason is for later next week,”he further revealed.

Photo by Street Outlaws

Swanstrom is fully committed to this exciting new project, even acquiring many of the required parts through CJRC. However, he assures fans that the new Lexus remains a top priority, emphasizing “it will look bad-ass and be ready soon.” He acknowledges the slight delay but explains that it is a natural part of the process, particularly since the 2022 Lexus RCF build is a unique and customized endeavor.

Photo by Justin Swantrom

Swanstrom's revelation regarding his new build has heightened the anticipation for the upcoming 2023 No Prep Kings season. This year, he, along with other regulars on the series tour, will vie for the championship in an entirely fresh team-based format. The introduction of this format promises to amplify the excitement, intensifying the competition for the coveted championship title.

Concluding his statement on an encouraging note, Swanstrom assures fans that the wait for the new car will be worthwhile. “Trust me, he wants new car out there as much as I do, it’s promotional for him and his business, but somethings can’t be rushed.”

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