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Justin Swanstrom Path to The Victory at NPK Tulsa

As the summer comes to a close, we’re happy to say that there are still a couple of months of good racing left. With that said, though, we are about three-quarters of the way through the current No Prep Kings season which has graced us with a ton of awesome action to look back on.

Photo by No Prep Facebook

With a few weeks off, everyone is ready to see these hot rods light up the racetrack and the score boards. This time, thanks to National No Prep Racing Association, we take a look back to see Justin Swantrom path to the victory at Tulsa Raceway Park. The event that unfolded on the first weekend in August had a ton for fans to really look forward to.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom Facebook

A rising star in the No Prep Kings series, Swanstrom has taken on the role to build a name for himself. At 26 years old, Swanstrom has raced in a variety of classes, but he has his heart set on No Prep Kings and he’s ready to battle his way into the spotlight.

At the time, Swanstrom seemed to be having quite a bit of a string of bad luck. In the event prior to this one, he actually was involved in a pretty catastrophic accident that saw his car taking on heavy damage and even catching on fire. Fans were pretty surprised, though, to see just how quickly Lil Country would be able to turn things around, getting the car repaired and making his way to the very next event just a few weeks later.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom Facebook

This time, we follow along with the racer as he takes on a couple of very formidable opponents. At first, after a test hit, of course, we watch as Swanstrom goes head-to-head with Chuck Seitsinger and his Mustang. After that, we get to see Swanstrom take on the competitors that some might consider the hardest beat in Kye Kelley and Daddy Dave. Lastly, Swanstrom finds his way next to the viral Camaro from Pat Musi Engine to see who has what it takes to push their way to the finish line first.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom Instagram

Video by National No Prep Association Youtube

Behind the driver, there is a rapidly growing fanbase. Swanstrom has grown his brand on social media and promotes the series as a whole. “The fans are crazy for No Prep Kings and I think that’s the best part about it is because the fans is what keeps it going,” Swanstrom says. “I think No Prep has the best fans out of all racing out there…No Prep is going to continue to succeed and get better and better every year and I hope to be just a little part of it.”

Photo by Justin Swanstrom Facebook

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