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Justin “Big Chief” Shearer Won “War In The Woods” But Not Get Paid

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Justin Shearer, indisputably the face of the “Street Outlaws” franchise since its debut on Discovery nearly a decade ago, has been outspoken in recent months about his desire to stick to his simple street racing roots, and to do things his way. Putting those words into action, he chose not to participate in the recent season of “America’s List” because he did not agree with the rules for the taping of Street Outlaws America’s List. And so, on the same weekend his Oklahoma City racing peers were in Mohnton, Pennsylvania competing with all the glitz of the “No Prep Kings” series, fans of speed saw Shearer and girlfriend, Jackie Braasch, were competing at one of the nation’s least-known drag strips.

Big Chief’s 1970 Pontiac GTO, the “Crow”

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer scored a popular victory in his first no-prep appearance of the season at Brown County Dragway’s “War In The Woods” event Sunday afternoon. Shearer, driving his familiar 1970 Pontiac GTO, the “Crow” outlasted a host of big-tire challengers over the course of two days of rain-hampered eliminations, ultimately defeating Tim Bailey and his “Krusty” turbocharged C-10 pickup in the final. Shearer had been eyeing and preparing for War In The Woods, put on annually by Jeff Thomas at Brown County Raceway.

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer was releasing the parachutes after wining the “War in the Woods” VI at Brown County Raceway (photo by Facebook)

According to Jeff Thomas, who helped promote the War in the Woods event, Justin “Big Chief” Shearer was not paid for his appearance at the event.

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer was getting ready to make a pass in his race car (photo by Justin Shearer Instagram)

“Justin Shearer did not get paid to attend the race,” Thomas said in a Facebook post. “He didn’t ask for any special treatment at all. In fact, he specifically asked to be treated the same as everyone else. Dude just wanted to come race and get back to where it all started! I think it’s great for the sport in general and the fans!! Anyone who questioned if he would get down Brown County Dragway well now you know!! Lol. For everyone who says it’s so dangerous and you can’t get stopped on the big end this should clear that up!!

“There was an issue first round in big tire when big chief raced Kerry in the black widow. Chief started his burnout and was told to stop by a track worker so chip draw could be finished. This was 100% a miscommunication mistake which I take full responsibility for! At any rate they pushed chief back and it was hot as hell, he took his helmet off and was waiting and then track workers said fire ‘em up. Chief didn’t have his helmet on and it took a min for him to get ready and Kerry had already fired up and was doing his burnout. This was just bad communication on our end and due to some problems with walkie talkies. We will learn from this and it won’t happen again!! In no way was big chief trying to burn down Kerry.

Thought it would be better to address this and move on! This is legit exactly what happened!!”

Justin Shearer previously said that he would only come back to the show for the 405 show. “I’m pretty much here,” he said late in the appearance. “I’m pretty much doing my own thing. The 405 show would be the only way if it was something different. That one means so much but it only means so much if it’s the same thing. If it’s not then it doesn’t mean sh*t to me.”

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