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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

For most people, the loss of a car in a massive fire would be pretty devastating. For Jonathan Day, or JJ Da Boss as he's more widely known, it's apparently just part of being a street racer. Now, it seems that bad luck has been following the Memphis crew and JJ is dealing with the loss of his wife’s favorite car.

JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia

This time, it happened with Geo Tracker, a small truck that is able to climb like a goat that Tricia owned and loved, which is being engulfed by flames as JJ Da Boss films the terrible event. While there are not many details regarding this accident it seems that a gas leak caused the fire and it is getting engulfed before our very eyes as JJ keeps regretting putting new tires on the truck just a while ago.

Photo by TheReal Streetoutlaws

At this point, there's been no suggestion of foul play, and no evidence that anyone had a hand in burning this truck. However, the most important thing when it comes to situations like these is that nobody got injured and everybody is safe. We all know that the Geo Tracker is a cheap vehicle however, we still hate that the fire was able to claim it since we all know that Tricia loved that little truck.

Situations like these remind us that a working fire extinguisher is a good thing to keep around and who knows, maybe the truck would have been saved if these guys had one on hand.

It is sad to see JJ walking around the truck filming not being able to help and we hope that he gets Tricia a new truck as soon as they can. Now check out this terrible accident and the fire that swallows the car up within a minute.

Video by TheReal Streetoutlaws

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