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Jimmy Taylor's Big Moves: From Procharger to Screw Blown Setup!

Jimmy Taylor, a familiar name in the street racing scene, has made a significant shift in his setup for the upcoming season of No Prep Kings. Known for his prowess behind the wheel and his relentless pursuit of speed, Taylor has recently swapped his Procharger Hemi setup for a screw blown Hemi setup, a move that has stirred up excitement and speculation within the racing community.

Photo by JTaylor Motorsport

Partnering with engine builder Carl Stevens of Xtreme Racing Engines, Taylor's switch to the screw blown setup has already shown promising results. Stevens and Taylor currently hold the Eighth Mile and Quarter Mile door car records, setting a solid foundation for their new endeavor. On the dyno, Taylor's screw blown Camaro showcased impressive numbers, pushing out nearly 3600 horsepower at over 9000 RPM-a testament to the potential of the new setup.

Video by Xtreme Racing Engines

What sets Taylor's setup apart is the aggressive overdrive-clocking in at 98%, a 6% increase from last season's screw blown combinations. This substantial increase in overdrive promises to deliver unparalleled power, potentially giving Taylor an edge on the track. Comparisons with the Procharger setup reveal similar power outputs, highlighting the competitiveness of the screw blown configuration.

Taylor's strategic adjustment doesn't stop there. With plans to debut a brand new car equipped with a twin turbo setup, he's poised to explore new avenues of speed. However, the debate rages on regarding the viability of twin turbos in the No Prep Kings arena. Despite their previous lackluster performance, Taylor's confidence in the screw blown setup remains steadfast, citing its ability to apply power effectively throughout the race.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming season, all eyes are on Taylor and his fellow racers to see how these bold moves will play out on the track. With the competition fiercer than ever, Taylor's decision to embrace the screw blown setup signals a calculated gamble-one that could potentially propel him to victory.

Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks as we follow Jimmy Taylor's journey and bring you the latest updates from the adrenaline-fueled world of street racing.

Video by JTaylor Motorsport

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