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Jerry Bird Stays Nitrous: Unveiling the Bird Boyz' Strategy for No Prep Kings Season 7

Street Outlaws fans, gear up for an inside scoop on Jerry Bird's racing strategy as he gears up for No Prep Kings Season 7. In this exclusive update from Street Outlaws Talks, we delve into the latest developments surrounding Jerry Bird and his iconic GT500 Mustang. Rumors have been circulating about a potential switch from nitrous, but it seems like the Bird Boyz are sticking to their roots. Let's break down the details and get ready for some high-octane racing action!

Photo by Jerry Bird

Jerry Bird's Racing Evolution:

Jerry Bird has been a familiar face in the Street Outlaws scene, known for his prowess in navigating the unpredictable world of no prep racing. In the previous season, he took on the challenge of racing his old NPK car, the Probe, on small tires. The Bird Boyz have been hard at work, preparing the car for small tire no prep and street racing, opening up new possibilities for exciting matchups.

Nitrous or Not: The Big Question:

Amidst the speculations and whispers, the question arose – would Jerry Bird ditch nitrous for No Prep Kings Season 7? Some members of Team Nola, including David Gates, made the switch to a screw-blown Nan 49 Hemi, leaving only two nitrous cars on the roster – Jerry Bird and Liy MuCy.

Photo by Discovery

The Reveal: Staying True to Nitrous Power:

The suspense ends here! Jerry Bird has decided to stay true to his roots and retain the nitrous setup for No Prep Kings Season 7. His GT500 Mustang is undergoing preparations for the upcoming season, equipped with the formidable 53 bore space 959 cubic inch Buck Racing Engines nitrous motor. This powerhouse combination has proven to deliver immense power, making Jerry Bird a force to be reckoned with on the no prep track.

Challenges and Consistency:

While Jerry's car demonstrated remarkable speed in the previous season, challenges with consistency were evident. The GT500 Mustang was a new addition to the lineup, and sorting out a new car always comes with its share of hurdles. Nitrous tuning, in particular, presents a unique set of challenges with various variables to manage. However, Jerry Bird remains undeterred, emphasizing that tuning a nitrous car takes time but ultimately pays off in performance.

Photo by Jerry Bird

Competitive Edge with Nitrous:

Jerry Bird's decision to stick with nitrous showcases his confidence in the proven capabilities of his Mustang. With the ability to achieve minimum weight and a well-tuned nitrous setup, the Bird Boyz aim to be highly competitive in No Prep Kings Season 7. The experience and understanding of nitrous engines give them an edge, especially at lower weights, offering a formidable challenge to competitors.

As Jerry Bird and the Bird Boyz prepare for No Prep Kings Season 7, the decision to stay nitrous sets the stage for thrilling races and intense competition. The GT500 Mustang, armed with a powerful nitrous motor, is ready to roar down the no prep track, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming season. Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for more updates on Jerry Bird and all things Street Outlaws!

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