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Jeff Lutz vs HK Monaro Ends with Explosion in Willowbank Raceway!

Updated: May 26, 2023

As we all know, the Street Outlaws have gone halfway across the globe to try out their abilities against the guys from Australia.

In the few upcoming weeks, these guys will be racing against the locals in a few different locations all over Australia to see who will be able to cross the finish line first and show the rest of the world that they are the fastest amongst the fastest of the No Prep racers.

So far, the Street Outlaws gang has had a fair share of problems and issues; the biggest might be Ryan Martin’s crash. We say that hoping that Robin Roberts has managed to get his Camaro AKA High Voltage back on its feet after the trailer that was transporting it had rolled.

During the accident, the car ended up upside down and succeeded in ripping itself from the mounts and even bulging up the actual container that it was being transported in, showing how serious the crash was.

Just two cars were brought in from the United States on big tires and High Voltage was one of them. With that car’s future uncertain, it is up to Jeff Lutz to defend the big tire honor of the visitors and today we got just the video of this.

Photo by Street Outlaws

Jeff Lutz was so sure in his twin turbo GTO that he decided to give the local racer the hit, meaning that the Australian racer in the next lane can leave whenever he chooses and Jeff has to go on a chase and try and get him before the finish line.

Photo by Street Outlaws

This is something that these guys usually advise against but it appears that they are trying to be the good Samaritan visitors and give the locals all the advantage they can, so let’s check out this video and see will Jeff be able to catch him before the finish line.


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