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Jeff Lutz's Mad Max and GTO Upgrades: A Comeback in the Works?

Street Outlaws fans, buckle up for some exciting news on Jeff Lutz and his legendary vehicles – Mad Max and the GTO. In this Street Outlaws Prep Talk, we dive into the possibility of Mad Max making a comeback and the anticipated upgrades to the already formidable GTO. Let's explore the latest developments and what we can expect from Jeff Lutz in the upcoming race season.


Mad Max's Potential Comeback: Recent pictures posted by Jeff Lutz have fueled speculation about Mad Max hitting the tracks again. While it may not be geared for Street Outlaws' No Prep Kings, there's a chance we might witness it at events like drag week or other prominent races. The iconic Mad Max, known for its power and speed, could add an extra dose of excitement to the racing scene.


GTO Upgrades: Jeff Lutz's GTO, a force to be reckoned with, is set to undergo some notable upgrades. Already reaching impressive speeds, the GTO is getting a brand new, lighter front end. The quest for reduced weight poses interesting questions about the balance between speed and consistency, especially on no-prep surfaces. Will the new modifications enhance performance, or could it potentially affect the car's consistency? Only time will tell, but Jeff Lutz's experience and mastery in racing suggest that he's up for the challenge.


Engine Speculations: The big block Chevy engines, a hallmark of Jeff Lutz's racing prowess, are making a return. Both Mad Max and the GTO are expected to feature the potent big block Chevy combination that has proven its power over the years. Additionally, the 57, another one of Lutz's iconic rides, will boast Billet small blocks purchased in the previous year. These power-packed engines, combined with potential weight breaks, indicate that Jeff Lutz is gearing up for a formidable comeback.


As Jeff Lutz prepares to hit the tracks again, fans can anticipate thrilling races and high-speed action. The GTO's upgrades and the potential return of Mad Max add an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming season. While uncertainties linger regarding the impact of the modifications on consistency, one thing is certain – Jeff Lutz is coming out swinging, determined to reclaim his spot as one of the fastest in the Street Outlaws universe. Stay tuned for more updates on, your go-to source for all things Street Outlaws. Subscribe, comment, and join us as we follow the journey of Jeff Lutz and his extraordinary racing machines.

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