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Jeff Lutz Jokingly Ribs Chuck Seitsinger on Street Outlaws!

Once more, the members of the 405 team are exchanging some harsh words, but what makes this situation intriguing is that they are all part of the same team.

While we've witnessed plenty of teams verbally sparring with one another on camera, we've even seen teams attempting to physically confront each other, going as far as using chokeholds – yes, Lizzy, we're looking at you – and engaging in outright physical altercations.

This incident had previously occurred within the NOLA teammates when Jerry Bird confronted Pat Musi, the renowned engine builder and Lizzy's father, resulting in him being put in a chokehold by Lizzy.

However, it appears that this time around, the disagreement is taking a different turn. Aside from a few light-hearted jokes, it seems these individuals have moved far beyond the stage of their friendship where physical altercations were a concern. Consequently, the whole situation appears to dissipate more quickly than the title might suggest.

We've all witnessed the banter between Jeff Lutz and Chuck Seitsinger, and it's often Chuck who playfully teases Jeff by referring to him as a senior citizen, all in good fun.

Chuck Seitsinger

Chuck Seitsinger. Photo by T's Photography

While online comment sections these days are rife with allegations and debates over who qualifies as a genuine racer, one thing remains indisputable: the 405 team remains unified and resilient, achieving commendable success on America's list. Several members occupy top positions, with Ryan Martin leading the charge.

In a recent episode of the End Game show, we saw most of these racers enjoying a rough terrain ride on their ATVs, led by none other than Chuck Seitsinger. This demonstration underscores that there's nothing more to the video than a group of friends ribbing each other. Feel free to watch the video and see it for yourself.

Video by Sketchy's Garage

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