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Jeff Lutz and the Return of the Iconic '57 Chevy!

At Street Outlaws Talks, we’re always buzzing with the latest news and updates from the street racing world. Today, we’re diving into the highly anticipated return of Jeff Lutz’s legendary ’57 Chevy. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jeff behind the wheel of this classic beauty, but the wait is almost over.


Lately, all eyes have been on Jeff Lutz and his new Mustang, which he’s been tearing up the tracks with on No Prep Kings. Despite being new to him, Jeff’s been showing promising results, and we’re expecting him to become even more competitive with it in the near future. But for many fans, Jeff Lutz is synonymous with the ’57 Chevy, a car that holds a special place in racing history.

Jeff has had several iterations of the ’57 Chevy over the years. His original ’57 Chevy was a beast—an all-steel, 3,800 lb car that made waves at Drag Week for a couple of years. Word on the street is that this car now belongs to Jeffrey. Then came the “Evil Twin,” a carbon fiber-bodied ’57 Chevy that looked like the original but was significantly lighter. This version hit the scene in 2014.

Fast forward to the first yellow ’57 Chevy, which ran in NPK and on the street with big tires until it met its untimely end in a crash in 2021. It’s been over three years since we’ve seen Jeff behind the wheel of a ’57 Chevy, but that’s all about to change.


The chassis of the new ’57 Chevy has been crafted by DMC Race Cars, with Jeff Lutz handling everything else. From the paint to the chrome, this car is a stunner. But it’s not just about looks—the new combination under the hood is what’s really exciting. Jeff is going with a big cubic inch small block billet block engine combo with turbos. While he’s been running a ProCharger Hemi in the Mustang, turbos are still his go-to for the ’57 Chevy, Mad Max, the GTO, and other rides.

Jeff revealed in an interview about a month ago that this car will be racing on small tires on the street by December. But before that, we’ll get a first look at the finished car at the Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green this August. It’s coming up fast, and we can’t wait to see this build in all its glory.


For those who’ve been following Jeff Lutz since his early days on Street Outlaws, this is a nostalgic moment. We first saw Jeff in Season 2 with his original ’57 Chevy, and over the years, he’s mostly raced the ’57 Chevy, the GTO, and now the Mustang.

Seeing Jeff back in a ’57 Chevy is more than just a trip down memory lane—it’s a thrilling new chapter in his racing career. Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for more updates on Jeff Lutz and his incredible new ’57 Chevy. This build is set to be a game-changer, and we’re here for every moment of it.

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