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Huge Rivalry between The OKC Street Outlaws and Tulsa

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

As the Street Outlaws have progressed incredibly far with how they race, it’s sometimes fun to take a look back over the timeline from time to time to see where they’ve all been.

The whole concept of the Street Outlaws reality show is based on competition and rivalry, and no matter how we tempered the racers are, and how good of friends they are off the track, one they are side-by-side it’s everybody for himself.

Photo by Street Outlaws

When it comes to the crew from the 405, it turns out that the OKC boys aren’t exactly always sunshine and rainbows when it comes to competing with the crew from Tulsa. In the words of Jeff Lutz, “There’s usually a lot of shouting, fist flying, and the racing is usually pretty good.”

Photo by Discovery

While that might seem like a formula for chaos, it’s a passion like this it really makes the racing even more entertaining to watch. As if watching two insane cars make their way down the streets wasn’t already enough to really get our adrenaline pumping, knowing that there’s a storyline behind it and lots of personalities that are going to clash and make things chaotic really seems to drive up the entertainment value a good bit. Who doesn’t want to see the big moment of payoff after a couple of racing crews just got done running their mouths at one another?

Photo by Discovery

This time, we tune into Discovery as they take us to the scene to check in with some of the bits and pieces that spell out the rivalry between Tulsa and Oklahoma City on the streets. It seems that no matter who wins here, this rivalry will just be one that keeps on giving. Each and every time they to see each other, the competitors have faster cars and manage to find all new speeds to keep the stakes high.

Video by Discovery

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