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Giuseppe Gentile Secures First Career No Prep Kings Invitational Win!

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings witnessed some surprising moments in the initial portion of the season and recently celebrated the victory of a first-time winner in Epping, New Hampshire. Giuseppe Gentile emerged victorious among 31 other drivers, securing a prize of $40,000.

Gentile, the driver of the '69 "Gucci" Nova equipped with a Noonan Hemi and a ProCharger, demonstrated exceptional skills at the starting line throughout the afternoon, surpassing renowned competitors in the NPK event.

Photo by Giuseppe Gentile

Expressing his excitement on social media, Gentile exclaimed, "What a weekend. We took our first NPK win! Gucci Nova was on a was tough competition but we got it done, currently sitting 3rd in points."

Photo by Richard Rowe

During the race, Gentile faced off against seasoned racer Jeff Lutz in the opening round and consistently outperformed members of the 405 team. After defeating Lutz, Gentile went on to surpass Shawn "Murder Nova" Ellington in the second round, which paved the way for an intense showdown with the three-time reigning series champion, Ryan Martin, in the quarterfinals. With a swift start, Gentile gained an early lead over Martin and successfully maintained it until the finish line, resulting in one of the most closely contested races of the day.

In the semifinals, Gentile found himself facing off against the promising newcomer, Nate Sayler, and once again displayed his prowess by securing a victory, with a margin of less than half a car's length. In the other matchup, Kayla Morton received a favorable bye run, as Damon Merchant, the leader in Invitational points, experienced a breakdown during his burnout. Gentile then triumphed over Morton, a seasoned NPK winner, capturing his very first Invitational trophy.

Expressing his gratitude, Gentile acknowledged the dedicated efforts of his crew, stating, "Thank you to the crew who worked their tails off." He also extended his appreciation to his family, friends, and sponsors for their unwavering belief and support. Furthermore, Gentile expressed his gratitude towards the enthusiastic fans who visited, admired his car, purchased merchandise, and greeted him, emphasizing that their contribution played an integral role in his success. He concluded by recognizing, "We couldn't do this without you!"

Photo by Giuseppe Gentile

Having participated in NPK sporadically over the years, Gentile made significant strides in his program this season and currently holds the third position in the Invitational points standings. Additionally, he is tied for third place in the Great 8 points for the Individual championship. As a result of his victory, Gentile's team, consisting of himself, team captain Ryan Martin, Robin Roberts, Rich Bruder, and Chuck Seitsinger, has now secured the third spot in the Team Championship standings.

Photo by Richard Rowe

Following the recent events, No Prep Kings will undergo a five-week summer break. The series is scheduled to resume its action on August 11-12 at Tulsa Raceway Park.

To witness all the thrilling races of the Epping Invitationals, make sure to watch the captivating video footage provided by Upshift. You won't want to miss the incredible final showdown between Giuseppe Gentile and Kayla Morton. Stay tuned and experience the adrenaline-pumping action firsthand.

Video by Upshift

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