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Gas Monkeys Fall Short in Showdown Against the 405 Crew

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

In the high-octane world of drag racing, rivalries are as fierce as the engines that power these incredible machines. One of the most heated rivalries in recent memory was ignited when the Gas Monkeys faced off against the legendary 405 Crew. Despite the absence of any major stakes, the race had fans on the edge of their seats. Richard Rawlings, the charismatic owner of Gas Monkey Garage, found himself in a nail-biting contest against Big Chief and his formidable crew. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this thrilling showdown and the implications for the Gas Monkeys' reputation and, more importantly, Richard Rawlings' wallet.

405 vs Gas Monkey Garage

405 vs Gas Monkey Garage! Photo by DMAX UK

The Gas Monkeys, known for their custom builds and televised antics on "Fast N' Loud," are no strangers to the world of fast cars. However, when they challenged the 405 Crew to a drag race, they bit off more than they could chew. The 405 Crew, led by the legendary Big Chief, is renowned for their dominance on the Oklahoma City streets. Big Chief, whose real name is Justin Shearer, is widely regarded as one of the best drag racers in the world.

Big Chief vs Richard Rawlings

Big Chief vs Richard Rawlings

The race was set to be a no-stakes showdown, with no cash prizes or pink slips on the line. Still, the pride and reputation of both teams were at stake, and that was enough to fuel the fire. Fans of both the Gas Monkeys and the 405 Crew eagerly anticipated the race, eager to see who would come out on top.

As the race day arrived, the tension in the air was palpable. The Gas Monkeys had prepared their car meticulously, but they were up against Big Chief and his crew, who have a proven track record of excellence. When the lights turned green, the cars roared off the line, leaving behind clouds of tire smoke and a cacophony of engine noise.

Alex Laughlin vs Big Chief

Alex Laughlin vs Big Chief. Photo by DMAX UK

Despite their best efforts, the Gas Monkeys couldn't match the sheer power and precision of the 405 Crew's machine. Big Chief's skillful driving and the crew's finely tuned car left Richard Rawlings and his team in the dust. The race ended with the 405 Crew taking the victory, leaving the Gas Monkeys in a cloud of disappointment.

While losing to the 405 Crew undoubtedly stung, there was a silver lining for Richard Rawlings. The race had no monetary stakes, which meant that Rawlings didn't have to reach into his wallet to settle any bets. This was a wise decision, as Big Chief's reputation as a high-level driver was clearly well-deserved. The Gas Monkeys may have lost the race, but they didn't lose any hard-earned cash.

Gas Monkeys fall short in showdown against the 405 Crew!

Gas Monkeys fall short in showdown against the 405 Crew! Photo by DMAX UK

The drag race between the Gas Monkeys and the 405 Crew was a thrilling showdown that had fans talking for weeks. Although Richard Rawlings and his team came up short against the formidable 405 Crew, they can take solace in the fact that it didn't cost them any money. Big Chief and his crew proved once again that they are a force to be reckoned with on the drag racing scene.

Gas Monkeys Fall Short in Showdown Against the 405 Crew

Gas Monkeys fall short in showdown against the 405 Crew! Photo by DMAX UK

As the dust settles on this high-stakes, no-stakes showdown, the Gas Monkeys will undoubtedly regroup and continue to do what they do best – building custom cars and entertaining their loyal fan base. And who knows, maybe one day they'll get a rematch with the 405 Crew and a chance to redeem themselves on the asphalt. Until then, the world of drag racing will continue to provide adrenaline-pumping action and unforgettable rivalries for fans to enjoy.

Video by DMAX UK

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