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Fireball Camaro's Dyno Testing and It Sounds More Pissed Off!!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Over the years most of us started viewing Ryan Martin as the quiet guy that gets the job done. One of the biggest reasons he has been getting the job done however is his incredibly powerful Fireball Camaro, a machine put together so well that seldom needs any repair once it is out in the open street or the track.

Even with astonishing numbers like 1500 “laps” under the belt, the Fireball was still happy to pick up the front left tire off the ground, disappear from view towards the finish line, and show the competition its laundry. While many racers would love owning a car like that and would be happy to keep it in the races, Ryan Martin did not get to the top of the game by staying behind, so understandably he solicited the built of something even faster.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

A few of the racers that had decided to switch to a screw blower combo really managed to get their teams and cars together and started dominating at some tracks, showing everybody that this is a combination that is to be respected and feared.

For the sixth iteration of the championship, many started spreading rumors that Ryan will be making a change as well and the gray Fireball Camaro might be getting a screw blower, however, as we see in today’s video, it is still powered by a proline and a procharger.

Photo by FuelTech USA

Unfortunately, Ryan could not make it to this testing session but his faithful crew chief Javier Canales, the popular Javi is on the spot with the car and they are about to put it thru the ringer, with not just one round or one pull, instead, these guys will be testing the gray car for two days.

There is no engine on earth that sounds more pissed off and ready to kill than a hemi with a procharger, so turn up the speakers and let us join the guy’s ad Fuel Tech as they take the championship winning car thru the ringer, enjoy.

Video by FuelTech USA

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