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Fans Question about Doughboy's Absence and JJ Da Boss Reaction!

Following several seasons of "Street Outlaws" based in Oklahoma, the franchise inevitably grew, producing numerous successful spin-offs like "No Prep Kings", "Fastest In America", and the renowned "Street Outlaws: Memphis". This series not only presented a different perspective of racing outside of Oklahoma but also introduced numerous new faces who quickly became unforgettable.

Photo by DoughBoy.MSO.JJdaBoss

One of these iconic, adrenaline-fueled drivers of team Memphis is Doughboy, who has recently sparked many rumors about his whereabouts and well-being due to his absence from the show and concerning speculation. What is Doughboy currently up to? Why did he leave the show, and what is the status of his health? Read on to discover all the details.

Who is Doughboy?

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Doughboy, whose real name is Josh Day, gained fame as a reality TV personality on the popular show "Street Outlaws," appearing in the first four seasons. Born on December 31, 1990, in Joiner, Arkansas, Doughboy is the eldest son of JJ Da Boss, the leader of the Memphis racing crew. Doughboy's mother remains unknown, but he reportedly has nine siblings from his father's previous relationships and marriages.

Photo by Chelsea Day

From a young age, Doughboy developed a keen interest in cars and racing, which only grew stronger after he crashed his first car, a 1964 Chevy Nova. Despite the close call, Doughboy persevered and continued to pursue his passion for racing, eventually acquiring a 1962 Impala named "Debo" for further competitions. Doughboy's debut race was featured on the second episode of "Street Outlaws: Memphis" during the first season in 2018. While some may argue that he still has a long way to go to match his father's skills, Doughboy's passion and dedication to the sport have earned him a reputation as an underdog and fan favorite. In his personal life, Doughboy is married to Chelsea Day, who also appeared on the show. JJ Da Boss mentored Chelsea and taught her the necessary skills to excel in racing. Together, the couple has two children named Kamden and Novaleigh Day.

Photo by DoughBoy.MSO.JJdaBoss

What happened to Doughboy?

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For those who follow "Street Outlaws: Memphis," Doughboy is a familiar name, and they have witnessed his growth behind the wheel over the years. Despite being the son of Memphis racing legend JJ Da Boss, Doughboy didn't start racing until the show's second episode in 2018. While there has been no word from Joshua himself about his current situation, JJ Da Boss confirmed in June 2021 that Joshua had suffered a back disc injury that had kept him away from racing. Conversely, a Reddit thread sparked a debate among viewers who claimed that Doughboy was embroiled in legal issues and rumors began to circulate that he may have been incarcerated.

Photo by DoughBoy.MSO.JJdaBoss

Although Joshua's absence from social media has led to speculation about his well-being, it is important to note that the only official information regarding his health is what JJ Da Boss has stated. There are rumors on the internet but these remain unverified.

What Happened To Doughboy’s Car?

Those who recall Doughboy's early days on "Street Outlaws" will remember that he didn't own a race car initially. In fact, it was Lee Roberts, a fellow racer and friend of JJ Da Boss, who lent his 1973 Nova to Doughboy as a gesture of gratitude. However, it wasn't long before Doughboy acquired his own ride. In 2018, he purchased a 1962 Chevrolet Impala and fixed it up with the help of his father, expressing his gratitude on Instagram for his father's unwavering support.

Photo by Discovery

Doughboy then made his red Impala his preferred ride and took it everywhere. However, since his absence from the show and social media, the fate of his beloved car is unknown. There have been no sightings of the car on either his wife Chelsea's or his father's social media, leaving fans with no choice but to wait for Doughboy's potential return to uncover what became of the car.

Who Is Doughboy’s Wife?

As one of the leading drivers of JJ Da Boss’ crew, Chelsea Day has become an iconic figure on “Street Outlaws: Memphis”. Although she was born in Joiner, Arkansas, it seems that Chelsea has been residing in Memphis, Tennessee for some time. According to her social media, she has been racing since 2013, and although it is unclear what inspired her to enter this male-dominated field, it is clear that she has been passionate about it for a long time. Throughout the years, her preferred street car has been a red 1973 Camaro, although she has also had other powerful vehicles such as a 2001 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, a white 1973 Camaro, and the Tomkat, a 1966 Chevelle that she currently drives.

Photo by Chelsea Day

In addition to her impressive racing skills, Chelsea is also a devoted wife and mother who strongly supports her entire racing family in all of their endeavors.

How fans react to the absence of Doughboy on the internet?

Photo by Chelsea Day

The absence of Doughboy from the show has left many fans wondering about his whereabouts and speculating about the reasons for his absence. Some fans have taken to social media to express their concerns and share their theories, with many hoping for Doughboy's eventual return to the show. "I totally find it very hard to beleave that Dough boy is still around and is still with Chelsea cause you never see him in any videos of yall at home especially for the Christmas vids or any other family gatherings." said one fan on JJ Da Boss Youtube channel.

Another said: "If someone was on a famous show and disappeared without explanation then questions are going to be asked! Want to stop the questions then address it publicly." However it seems there is still no answer for this old question!

JJ Da Boss even posted a video about this absence and said that he doesn't want to answer the same old question: "Where is Doe Boy?"

Video by TheReal Streetoutlaws

Despite the lack of official information about Doughboy's absence, fans have remained engaged with the show and its other cast members. Many have praised the other drivers, including Chelsea Day, for their impressive performances on the track and their strong bond as a racing family.

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