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Exciting Changes in No Prep Kings Season 7: Racers Opting for New Engine Combos

Greetings, Street Outlaws fans! Welcome to, your go-to source for all things related to No Prep Kings and the adrenaline-pumping world of street racing. Today, we've got the inside scoop on some major shifts happening in Season 7.

Photo by Jimmy Taylor

Jimmy Taylor's Bold Move: Switching from ProCharger to Screw Blower

First up, Jimmy Taylor has set the racing community abuzz by revealing his switch from a ProCharger to a screw blower setup for Season 7. He recently posted a captivating photo of his new screw-blown extreme Racing Engines Hemi, signaling a bold departure from his previous configuration. The move is particularly surprising given the advantage ProCharger F436 enjoyed under Season 6 rules. Jimmy is also building a brand-new car, adding an extra layer of anticipation for his Pro 275 debut before hitting the No Prep Kings track.

Photo by Jimmy Taylor

Jim Howe Contemplates a Change: A Potential Swap from Screw Blower

Another racer making waves is Jim Howe, who has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the rules over the past year. Speculation is rife that Jim might make a significant move, transitioning from his current screw-blown setup to an entirely new configuration. His discontent with the existing rules has opened the door for a potential shift to a different setup, possibly a ProCharger or something equally game-changing. Keep an eye out for updates on Jim's decision as the Season 7 rules unfold.

Photo by Jim Howe

Nate Sayler's Rumored Switch to Screw Blower: Fact or Fiction?

Rumors are circulating about Nate Sayler, with whispers suggesting a potential move to a screw blower. Despite his outstanding success with the ProCharger, there's talk that Nate might embrace the screw blower, fueled in part by his tuner, Lee White's belief in its superior performance. While the speculation is gaining traction, many fans remain skeptical, given Nate's impressive track record with the ProCharger. The suspense is building, and we'll be watching closely as the situation develops.

Photo by Nate Sayler

As the racing community eagerly awaits the official Season 7 rules, these engine combo changes add an extra layer of excitement and uncertainty. Stay tuned to for more updates, exclusive interviews, and in-depth coverage of all things Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings. Don't forget to subscribe, comment, and join the conversation as we gear up for another thrilling season on the streets!

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