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Dominator Talking What Happened with The Street Show!

In his latest video, Dominator, known to fans as Joe Woods, opens up about the current status of "The Street Show," a topic that has been causing a lot of speculation among viewers. The 405 street show that took place last year received high praise for the genuine fun and relatable content it offered, which resonated with fans. In this candid discussion, Dominator sheds light on the uncertainties surrounding the future of the show and the dynamics of reality TV.

Dominator Talking What Happened with The Street Show!

What Happened with The Future of Street Show? Photo by Lou 405 Photo

First and foremost, it's crucial to grasp that "The Street Show" has never operated under a guaranteed, multi-year contract. The reality of the entertainment industry is such that it's a year-to-year, day-to-day affair. When it comes to reality TV, the golden rule is straightforward: if the ratings decline to a point where selling advertising slots becomes difficult, the show may come to a halt. It's as simple as that.

Dominator's car on Street Outlaws show

Dominator's car on Street Outlaws show. Photo by Goliath 405

In recent times, the focus has shifted towards smaller events, particularly street racing. The previous year was a standout one, where the entire show was filmed within the month of July. While others were busy overhauling their cars for events like No Prep Kings, the team was out there filming three to four nights every week. The result was a season of "The Street Show" that captivated fans with its authenticity and excitement.

However, the current year has seen a change in this filming pattern. There is no set schedule for production, and it remains unclear whether filming will commence in November, February, or March of the following year. The reality is that the show is not canceled, but the production schedule remains unpredictable. Flexibility and spontaneity have been integral to the show's ethos since its inception.

Dominator Talking What Happened with The Street Show!

Photo by Goliath 405

So, what does the future hold for "The Street Show"? The truth is, it's uncertain. Sometime between now and the end of the next year, the team hopes to pick up where they left off. In essence, the show has always operated in an on-the-fly manner, and this is not likely to change anytime soon.

Reflecting on the journey, when they first ventured into this endeavor, the team received advice not to make substantial financial investments. Typically, shows of this nature tend to last for about three seasons. However, "The Street Show" has defied this convention by recently wrapping up filming for its sixteenth season. Whether the show continues or concludes, it has undoubtedly been an incredible and captivating 10-year adventure for both the team and its dedicated viewers. The future, as Dominator wisely concludes, remains to be seen.

Video by Dominator405racing

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