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Dominator's OG Dodge Dart Getting Significant Upgrades for No Prep Kings Season 6!

The No Prep Kings drag racing series is one of the most thrilling events in the world of motorsports, and for the upcoming sixth season, fans can expect even more excitement as the Dominator's OG Dodge Dart is getting some major upgrades.

Photo by Dominator

For over a decade, Dominator's OG Dodge Dart has been a standout in Street Outlaws, and for good reason. Despite undergoing various engine configurations throughout the years, Dominator has kept the car competitive. However, with the upcoming No Prep Kings season 6, Dominator has opted to make significant upgrades to the car's chassis to improve its strength and reduce weight.

Photo by Dominator

As the No Prep Kings competition grows fiercer each year, drivers require the best possible equipment to remain competitive. Previously, running a 420 was sufficient to stay in the game, but now, running 370s is necessary to become a serious contender. Consequently, Dominator has opted to overhaul the car's chassis, enabling a larger tire, despite the new season limiting tire sizes to 34.5 inches. The new chassis will also enable Dominator to fine-tune the car's weight distribution, allowing for even better track performance.

Photo by Dominator

Dominator is impressive because he does much of the work himself. From building the chassis to tuning the motor, he takes pride in doing it all, demonstrating his commitment to the sport and passion for the car.

Although Dominator's car has encountered challenges in the past, he has been a fantastic teammate, fabricator, and driver. His dedication and hard work have paid off, and last season he stunned many by beating some of the top-tier teams. With the new upgrades to his car, Dominator is expected to make an even bigger impact this season.

Photo by Dominator

As fans of the show, we always want to see our favorite drivers succeed, but it's especially gratifying to see drivers like Dominator thrive. He has put in the effort, and now, with his car's improved strength and reduced weight, he's ready to showcase his skills to the world. We're eagerly anticipating the sight of Dominator's OG Dodge Dart in action this season, and we're confident that he'll amaze many people.

Video by Dominator

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