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Things Did Happen to Daddy Dave from Street Outlaws

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Daddy Dave, a prominent figure in the street racing world, has captivated audiences with his skill, charisma, and need for speed on the hit TV show Street Outlaws. While fans are familiar with his impressive racing career and larger-than-life persona, there are intriguing details about Daddy Dave that often go unnoticed. In this article, we delve into some lesser-known facts that shed light on the man behind the wheel.

Photo by Daddy Dave

Born on April 4, 1973, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA, Daddy Dave is the son of Marge and Peter Comstock. Growing up in his hometown, alongside his siblings (though the exact number remains unknown), Dave developed a deep passion for cars during his teenage years. He obtained his driver's license at the age of 16, setting the stage for his future racing endeavors.

Dave wasted no time in diving into the world of racing, initially piloting his parents' 1978 Chevrolet Impala, despite its lackluster performance. However, his skills shone through as he consistently secured victories, quickly establishing himself as one of Oklahoma's most prominent drivers. With his increasing success, Daddy Dave soon amassed enough funds to acquire a new vehicle, a 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 pick-up truck, which underwent extensive modifications to perfectly suit his racing style.

Prior to his involvement in "Street Outlaws," Daddy Dave participated in another street racing series titled "Pinks: All Out" in 2009, which aired on Speed from 2006 to 2010. However, it was his breakthrough appearance in the Discovery series "Street Outlaws" that propelled him to greater fame. Maintaining his momentum from his earlier exploits with the Chevrolet, Daddy Dave's friendship with Justin Shearer, better known as Big Chief, played a significant role in his inclusion in the reality TV show.

Since his first appearance on "Street Outlaws" in 2013, Daddy Dave has cemented his position as the premier driver in Oklahoma, earning the esteemed title of the state's number one racer. Along the way, he has developed rivalries on the track, notably with fellow racer Shawn Ellington.

Video by StanceAutoworks

Daddy's on-screen presence significantly boosted his popularity and caught the attention of numerous sponsors eager to support his racing endeavors. With their backing, he gained access to essential resources, including new cars, that propelled his racing career to new heights. Building upon his success, Daddy went on to establish his own shop, specializing in customizing cars to his unique preferences and innovating new car parts to enhance his performance on the track. As a result, his reputation as a star has transcended local fame in Oklahoma and expanded to a global scale, earning him recognition and admiration from racing enthusiasts worldwide.

Wife & Kids:

Presently, Dave is happily married to Cassie Comstock, and they are enjoying their life together. After dating for a significant period, the couple exchanged vows on March 1, 2013. They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters; however, they have made a deliberate decision to keep their children out of the public eye. Dave resides with his family in Oklahoma City, cherishing the moments they share in the comfort of their home.

Some "Minor" Hiccups on his Journey:

Drag racing poses significant risks to both the drivers and the spectators, often resulting in severe injuries and even fatalities. As a cautionary measure, every episode of the show begins with a reminder: "Just because we're dumbasses, don't mean you can be too. So don't do any of the sh*ts we do at home."

In August 2015, Dave found himself in a race during the show, driving his pickup truck, and it led to a harrowing incident with potentially fatal consequences. While racing, he lost control of his vehicle, careened into the wall at an alarming speed, and flipped a staggering six times, resulting in a complete wreck. The terrifying incident unfolded during a No Prep event held at the Amarillo Dragway in Texas, leaving onlookers horrified and urgently calling for assistance. Fears mounted that Dave had suffered a catastrophic outcome, which would have been an enormous loss for the racing community. Miraculously, Dave survived the accident, although he endured a severe concussion, extensive damage to one of his shoulders, and significant lung bruising. Notably, one of his injuries was caused by a loose gas bottle that became dislodged during the crash and struck his head, despite wearing a helmet.

Promptly, he was transported to a nearby hospital, where medical professionals treated his concussion. Meanwhile, his wife Cassie took to his official Facebook page to express her gratitude for the prayers and provided an update on his condition. She wrote, "First, I need to thank all of you for your prayers! They have done X-rays and scans, we are just waiting for the results. He is in a lot of pain, pretty banged up and a serious concussion. He is talking but doesn't remember anything or even where he is." Following the traumatic incident, Cassie pleaded with Dave to reconsider racing, concerned for his well-being. However, Dave adamantly refused to give up his passion for the sport.

Video by AfterEffects

After being released from the hospital, Dave made a remarkable recovery. However, his beloved Chevy suffered irreparable damage in the accident, leaving him without a car despite his physical ability to race. Faced with a difficult decision, Dave chose to embark on building his second race car, a 1963 Chevrolet Nova named "Goliath 2.0." This impressive vehicle came with a price tag of $150,000 and was generously provided by his sponsor, Jackie Knox, a prominent figure in the construction industry. While rumors circulated regarding the actual cost of the car, the exact figure remained undisclosed to the public. Regardless, Dave has proudly owned "Goliath 2.0" for several years, and it has served him well, earning him the prestigious title of the "King of the Streets."

In June 2021, Dave found himself in yet another racing incident during an event called "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings" while competing against Bobby Ducote. In the final moments of the race, Dave lost control of his car, resulting in a forceful impact with the wall that inflicted significant damage. The crowd erupted in shouts and yells, concerned for Dave's well-being.

Video by DragZone

Fortunately for his dedicated fan base, Dave launched his own YouTube channel, Daddy Dave Racing, in 2021. The channel features content related to "Street Outlaws," providing updates on his career and showcasing his cars. In one of his videos, Dave candidly explained the circumstances surrounding the recent accident and his loss of control: "To put it shortly, we had a sh*tty weekend. Right after eight miles, I got loose, turned sideways on me really quickly, and I could not recover it, and we blasted the wall. So it’s gonna be a few weeks before we can get it fixed. My chassis guy can’t get it in for another two and a half weeks." Remarkably, Dave once again managed to cheat death and sustained only minor injuries, leading some to wonder if he might be indestructible.

Dave expressed his plans to rebuild the damaged car, assuring fans that the extent of the damage was less severe than initially thought. With his characteristic sense of humor, the "Street Outlaws" star jokingly remarked on his driving performance: "Not sure what happened, but I ran out of talent right near eight mile, and then it got away from me, but we’ll be back."

Photo by Daddy Dave

Daddy Dave's street racing career has cemented his status as a prominent figure in the world of motorsports. While his achievements on the track are well-known, the lesser-known aspects of his life add depth to his captivating persona. From his humble beginnings to his remarkable recovery after a devastating accident, Daddy Dave's journey showcases his unwavering passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the sport he loves. As fans continue to cheer him on in his pursuit of speed and victory, they are sure to witness even more extraordinary feats from this legendary street racer.

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