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Daddy Dave's XRE Motor in the Audi & Goliath's Prospective Powerplant Upgrade!

Street Outlaws enthusiasts are in for an exciting surprise, as Daddy Dave, a beloved racer from the show, has some thrilling upgrades in store. Recently, in a transcript, he divulged his ambitious plans to enhance both his Audi and Goliath with formidable new motors. Get ready for some heart-pounding action on the tracks!

Above all else, Daddy Dave is fully focused on preparing the Audi for the upcoming backstretch and NPK races, leaving no stone unturned to ensure it performs at its best. But there's an exciting surprise in the works too – he's set to install a cutting-edge XRE motor from Extreme Racing Engines. These XRE engines, built on the solid foundation of Noonan design, come with XRE's distinctive modifications, making them formidable contenders on the racetrack. Get ready to witness some serious power on display!

Photo by Daddy Dave

Meanwhile, Goliath, the car that has won over the hearts of fans, boasted an impressive motor beneath its hood. The highly regarded Proline Racing MH5 motor, which had been up for sale earlier, proved to be a formidable force, delivering extraordinary performance on NPK trim and radial setups. The question on everyone's mind was whether this powerhouse would be replaced, and Daddy Dave has finally provided an answer.

Photo by Daddy Dave

The suspense is now over – the new XRE motor is set to make its mark in both the Audi and Goliath. As the NPK schedule intensifies, having a spare motor becomes a necessity, especially considering the sheer power these racing beasts produce, ranging from 3,500 to 4,000 horsepower. With a demanding schedule ahead, the significance of having reliable and powerful engines cannot be emphasized enough. Get ready for some thrilling races as these impressive machines take to the track!

Daddy Dave's calculated choice to stick with a single engine builder for both cars showcases his meticulous approach to racing. Understanding the significance of uniformity, he aims to equip each car with a similar engine at its core. By opting for the XRE motor as a spare, he gains the flexibility to swiftly interchange it between the Audi and Goliath, adapting to any situation as needed. This strategic decision underscores his dedication to optimizing performance and maximizing efficiency on the track.

Photo by Daddy Dave

Daddy Dave has quashed all the speculations surrounding the potential sale of Goliath. It is evident that Goliath is here to stay, delighting fans with its heart-pounding performances. With more small tire events on the horizon in the street outlaws scene, Goliath will continue to be Daddy Dave's preferred car, promising even more exhilarating moments for the audience to savor. As fans eagerly anticipate further updates from the Street Outlaws legend, one thing remains certain – Daddy Dave's new XRE motor will eventually find its place in Goliath. In a sport where every race is filled with unexpected twists and turns, possessing the most powerful and dependable engine provides a crucial advantage. Stay tuned for the thrilling moments that lie ahead as Daddy Dave continues to push the boundaries of performance with his trusty Goliath.

Photo by Daddy Dave

With the NPK season in full swing, the excitement and anticipation surrounding Daddy Dave's awe-inspiring machines are truly palpable. Whether it's the formidable growl of the XRE motor in the Audi or the earth-shaking thunder of Goliath, one thing is certain – the Street Outlaws are poised to assert their dominance on the streets with unparalleled power and style! Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled season filled with thrilling races and unforgettable moments that will leave fans in awe.

Video by Daddy Dave

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