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Daddy Dave's New Procharged Setup Ready for No Prep Kings Brainerd!

Hello Street Outlaws fans! Today, we’re diving into some exciting updates about Daddy Dave and his ProCharger combination that’s all set for next week’s No Prep Kings event in Brainerd.

Photo by Daddy Dave 

If you’ve been following the Street Outlaws series, you’ll remember that Daddy Dave made a splash last season with his Audi, equipped with a ProCharger setup. He had an impressive run, even clinching a victory at one of the events. However, with the rule changes this season, Dave decided to switch things up and try twin turbos, inspired by the record-setting performances of extreme racing engines and car Stevens on prepped tracks.

Despite his best efforts, the twin turbos didn’t deliver the consistency he was aiming for. The car struggled to perform at its peak, prompting Daddy Dave to revert to his trusty ProCharger setup. This move mirrors Scott Taylor’s recent decision to go back to what works best.

But it’s not just a simple return to the old setup. Daddy Dave has made some significant modifications to enhance performance. He’s repositioned the engine and tweaked various elements of the car to optimize its run. Additionally, he’s upgraded from last season’s F4 136 ProCharger to the more powerful F4 140-1. This new ProCharger not only adds an extra 50 lbs but also boosts power and performance, giving Dave a solid edge.

Photo by Daddy Dave 

Currently, Daddy Dave is sitting around 20th in the points standings. While this might seem like a setback, we’re still early in the championship season with only four points races down and eight more to go. There’s ample time for him to catch up, especially with his revamped setup.

The competition is fierce this season. Ryan Martin is on fire, Murder Nova is performing exceptionally well, and other heavy hitters like Justin Swanstrom, Robin Roberts, and the infamous “Youppi” are all bringing their A-game. Despite this, Daddy Dave has shown he has the potential to compete at the highest level.

Last season, he proved his mettle by securing an NPK event win, something he hadn’t achieved before. With his new ProCharger setup and the adjustments he’s made, there’s every reason to believe he can pull off another victory this season.

Photo by Daddy Dave 

All eyes will be on Brainerd next week to see how Daddy Dave performs with his new combination. We’re rooting for him to make a strong comeback and climb up the rankings. Stay tuned for more updates and let’s see if Daddy Dave can add another NPK win to his name!

For more updates and in-depth coverage on the Street Outlaws series, make sure to subscribe, comment, and stay tuned to Keep the adrenaline pumping and let’s enjoy another thrilling season of no prep racing!

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