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Daddy Dave's Mystery Car: What's Brewing in the Street Outlaws Garage?

Hello, Street Outlaws fans! Today, we dive into the intriguing world of Daddy Dave and the whispers surrounding a possible new addition to his impressive lineup of race cars. Strap in as we dissect the clues and try to unravel the mystery behind Dave's latest machine.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

The Tease on Facebook

It all began when Daddy Dave dropped a bombshell on his Facebook page with a cryptic photo. The picture showcases what appears to be an older car with a distinctive blower on top. Speculation immediately erupted within the Street Outlaws community, leaving fans itching for more details.

Goliath's Departure

Just a few months ago, Daddy Dave bid farewell to his iconic Goliath. The departure fueled rumors about what would be his next move in the high-stakes world of street racing. Despite Dave claiming he was done with more race cars, let's face it – in the Street Outlaws world, that statement might as well be a dare!

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Not the Audi

For those quick to assume it's the Audi, think again. The mystery car doesn't resemble Dave's Audi in the slightest. Dave had previously stated that he wouldn't be adding any more race cars to his collection, but as true fans know, plans can change, especially when it comes to the need for speed.

Decoding the Clues

The photo reveals a potential blower atop the mystery car. However, the height of the blower hat raises questions – is it an exceptionally tall blower hat, or is Daddy Dave playing mind games with us? The suspense is real, and only time will tell what's truly lurking under the hood.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Small Tire Dominance?

Could this mystery car be geared towards small tire racing? Despite Dave's commitment to running the Audi on small tires, the possibility of a new contender for the small tire scene isn't off the table. Street Outlaws have a knack for surprises, and Dave might just be cooking up something extraordinary.

Audi's NPK Journey

While the Audi may not undergo major changes for the upcoming No Prep Kings Season 7, Daddy Dave has invested in engine upgrades, ensuring it remains a formidable force on the track. With Carl Stevens of Extreme Racing Engines at the helm, the Audi is poised for greatness.

Photo by Daddy Dave

As the Street Outlaws universe buzzes with speculation, we eagerly await Daddy Dave's revelation about the mystery car. Will it be a new addition to his racing arsenal, or is there another twist in this tale? Stay tuned, Street Outlaws enthusiasts, for updates and exclusive insights as we unravel the mysteries of Daddy Dave's garage. For more Street Outlaws content and the latest updates, visit Subscribe, comment, and join the conversation as we gear up for an adrenaline-fueled Season 7!

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