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Daddy Dave's Goliath, Reaper and Team Monza Racing at Outlaw Armageddon 8!!

The eagerly awaited Outlaw Armageddon event is approaching, causing a wave of anticipation among Street Outlaws enthusiasts. A special preview has disclosed that two impressive racers from the infamous 405 group are set to leave their mark at this iconic face-off. Daddy Dave and Reaper are preparing themselves to release their mighty vehicles and seize triumph on the challenging racecourse.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Daddy Dave, celebrated for his remarkable driving skills and exceptional tuning abilities, is poised to steer his awe-inspiring Goliath vehicle. The choice of tires for this race has become a topic of speculation, as fans eagerly ponder whether he will opt for smaller or larger ones. While no official confirmation has been provided, the prevailing belief is that Daddy Dave will once again demonstrate his expertise with small tires. Goliath's impressive performance on radials has left an enduring impression, establishing it as a formidable contender. With a substantial $20,000 prize at stake, Daddy Dave's participation is set to bring a surge of excitement to the small tire category, and his chances of securing victory appear promising.

Adding to the race's allure is the notable inclusion of Daddy Dave's renowned Audi alongside his legendary Goliath. The ongoing NPK season has witnessed the Audi's domination on the tracks, leaving fans eager to catch a glimpse of Goliath in action. Outlaw Armageddon fulfills this desire as Daddy Dave's choice to race Goliath introduces an electrifying twist to the event. This exceptional occasion to witness both of his formidable machines in competition serves as a delightful treat for Street Outlaws enthusiasts and guarantees a spectacle that will be etched in their memories.

Photo by CPaulshock Photography

However, Daddy Dave won't be the sole member of the 405 crew captivating attention at Outlaw Armageddon. Reaper, armed with his formidable Camaro, is prepared to make a bold statement of his own. With a significant amount of time dedicated to testing and fine-tuning his vehicle on Outlaw big tires throughout the NPK season, Reaper has proclaimed his machine to be fully prepared for battle. Despite not having participated in the NPK Invitational, his unwavering confidence in the Camaro's performance implies that he is positioned for triumph.

Reaper's inclusion in the big tire class intensifies the race to new levels. Without any limitations on eligible vehicles, this category welcomes a diverse range of formidable contenders. Reaper's bold invitation to face off against his striking red Reaper Camaro straight off the trailer serves as a testament to his resolute determination. The ensuing adrenaline-pumping battles are bound to enthrall fans and highlight the sheer power and skill possessed by these iconic street racing legends.

Photo by Amber Nickerson Photography

Adding to the excitement at Outlaw Armageddon is Team Monza, known for their impressive performances in street racing. This time, they are bringing the Chevelle to the event. However, the Chevelle isn't race-ready just yet. The team has not made a single pass in it, indicating that there is still work to be done. Nonetheless, Brandon from Team Monza will represent the group and race on their behalf. While the Chevelle may not be in its optimal state, the anticipation surrounding its potential is undeniable, leaving fans curious about the impact it might have in the future.

Photo by Team Monza 405

As Outlaw Armageddon draws near, the stage is set for an exhilarating showcase of skill, speed, and competition. Daddy Dave's Goliath and Reaper's Camaro stand as formidable contenders, ready to leave their mark on the event. Additionally, Team Monza, with their Chevelle, brings an extra layer of excitement, despite the car not being race-ready yet. The competition will be fierce, and the pursuit of victory will be relentless. Fans and enthusiasts alike eagerly await the moment when these street racing luminaries converge at Outlaw Armageddon, ready to push their machines to the limit and etch their names in the annals of racing history.

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