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Daddy Dave's Audi Undergoes Weight Loss for No Prep Kings Season 7

Street Outlaws fans, buckle up, because Daddy Dave is making waves with his Audi as it undergoes a weight loss program for No Prep Kings Season 7. In this article, we'll delve into the upgrades and changes Daddy Dave is making to his already impressive ride, discussing the challenges he faced in the previous season and what we can expect from him in the upcoming races.

Photo by Daddy Dave

Daddy Dave's Audi Evolution:

Daddy Dave introduced his new Audi last season, and it made an immediate impact by clinching a victory. However, as the season progressed, challenges arose, and competition on NPK became fiercer than ever. The car initially featured the f4140 pro charger, later transitioning to the 4136, but weight constraints hindered its performance.

Struggles and Setbacks:

Despite initial success, Daddy Dave faced challenges with the car's weight. Meeting the minimum weight requirement of 2725 or 2750 pounds proved difficult with the chosen pro charger, leading to sacrifices on the track. The tough competition, dominated by heavy hitters like Ryan Martin and Kai, only intensified the need for improvements.

Photo by Daddy Dave

Technical Specifications:

Daddy Dave's Audi boasts a formidable setup, including the f4136 and f4140 pro chargers. The car, built by Titan Race Cars, features a powerful Carl Stevens extreme Racing Engines Hemi, currently holding both the Eighth Mile and Quarter Mile records. These technical details set the stage for the upcoming season.

Weight Reduction Strategy:

Recognizing the challenges from the previous season, Daddy Dave is taking a proactive approach to address the weight issue. The car is undergoing significant upgrades, including new doors and a front clip, aimed at shedding unnecessary pounds. With the altered rules for the new season, the combination needs to be at least 50 pounds heavier than last year, pushing the weight range between 2750 to 2775 pounds.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

Optimism for Season 7:

The changes to Daddy Dave's Audi are expected to make a significant impact on its performance. The weight reduction and strategic upgrades aim to enhance the car's consistency, making it more competitive against the tough NPK competition. With a proven track record as one of the best drivers on both the street and the NPK scene, fans can anticipate a strong showing from Daddy Dave in Season 7.

Street Outlaws enthusiasts can't help but be excited about Daddy Dave's Audi and its transformation for No Prep Kings Season 7. The weight loss program, coupled with strategic upgrades, positions the car for a more competitive season. As fans eagerly await the races, the anticipation is high for Daddy Dave to reclaim his winning streak and showcase his unmatched driving skills on the NPK stage. Stay tuned to for more updates on Daddy Dave's journey and all things Street Outlaws.

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