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Daddy Dave's Proline Racing MH5 Hemi for Sale and Possible New Motor?

In the high-octane world of street racing, Daddy Dave is a name synonymous with speed, skill, and adrenaline-fueled excitement. Recently, the racing community was taken by surprise when news broke that Daddy Dave is putting his iconic Proline Racing MH5 Hemi from Goliath up for sale. Priced at a staggering $110,000, this motor is an embodiment of raw power and precision engineering, making it an enticing prospect for any serious racer. However, there's more to the story than just the sale of this mighty engine; there's talk of a possible new motor and an intriguing strategy that could revolutionize the way Goliath takes on the tracks.

MH5 Hemi complete from Procharger to flywheel minus fuel system. Photo by Daddy Dave

Daddy Dave Proline racing motor MH5 Hemi has been the heartbeat of Daddy Dave's Goliath for years, propelling him to countless victories and cementing his position as a racing legend. The motor, equipped with a Pro charger to flywheel (minus the fuel system), is a testament to Proline's commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance. Known for its jaw-dropping price tag, a Proline Hemi like this is a rare gem for racers seeking the best of the best.

Accompanying the MH5 Hemi is an impressive package of spare parts and tools, meticulously tailored for the Hemi engine. Cylinder heads, rods, camshafts, extra F3-140, new lifters, pushrods, valve springs – Daddy Dave is leaving no stone unturned, providing a potential buyer with all the necessary equipment to keep the motor running at peak performance.

A package of spare parts and tools included. Photo by Daddy Dave

The MH5 Hemi has proven its mettle time and again. Achieving an astounding 3.90@196 on 275's at a weight of 2,870 pounds is no small feat. Its adaptability to No Prep Kings' rules allowed it to conquer big tire tracks with ease, boasting impressive times in the 370s range. As a result, this motor remains a formidable contender in No Prep races, standing tall among the best in the business.

While the MH5 Hemi's legacy is undeniable, Daddy Dave is rumored to be considering a shift to an XRE Hemi Noonan for Goliath. This strategic move may serve a purpose: having two similar motors would provide a backup engine for Daddy Dave's Audi, ensuring that he remains competitive and ready to take on any challenge.

Goliath did ruin his competitors day! Photo by Daddy Dave

Furthermore the rise of Noonan-based motors in the racing community is not spelling the end of Proline on NPK. Proline has a reputation for producing exceptional products, such as the Hemi MH6 and MH7, which have secured three championships. Ryan Martin, a prominent figure in street racing, has expressed no intention of parting ways with Proline, further solidifying the brand's position in the racing world.

The racing world is always in flux, with new strategies, technologies, and drivers emerging as forces to be reckoned with. Daddy Dave's decision to sell his Proline Racing MH5 Hemi marks the end of an era for Goliath, but it also opens up new possibilities for both the racer and the buyer. The mighty MH5 Hemi, with its incredible track record and expansive spare parts package, promises an unforgettable racing experience for its future owner.

As the racing community eagerly awaits Daddy Dave's next move, it's clear that whatever path he chooses, he will continue to be a formidable force on the tracks. Whether he remains with Proline or ventures into the world of XRE Hemi Noonan, one thing is certain – Daddy Dave's passion for racing and his pursuit of excellence will keep him at the forefront of the street racing world for years to come.

Daddy Dave was back on top with Goliath at NPK Tulsa. Video by Daddy Dave

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