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Daddy Dave Ditching Turbos & Going Back to ProCharger for No Prep Kings Season 7

Well, hello everybody! We have some exciting news to share with you on Daddy Dave is officially ditching his twin turbos and returning to a ProCharger setup for No Prep Kings Season 7.

Photo by Daddy Dave 

For those of you who’ve been following the series, this might come as a bit of a surprise. Daddy Dave had switched to a twin turbo setup just before the season began. His decision to switch was intriguing, given that last season’s rule changes added weight to the 136 ProCharger he previously ran, yet reduced weight on the 140 ProCharger, making the cars just as fast, if not faster.

Turbos undeniably offer immense power. They outpace screw blowers, ProChargers, and naturally aspirated engines in sheer horsepower. Currently, turbo setups hold the door car world records for both the eighth mile and the quarter mile. However, those records were set on fully prepped tracks, which is not the case in NPK events. On NPK’s less-than-perfect tracks, particularly in the second half, turbo cars struggle to apply their power effectively. This was evident in Ohio, where many racers experienced traction issues on the back end of the track.

In contrast, screw-blown and ProCharger-equipped cars, while perhaps not as quick in the eighth mile, manage to maintain impressive speeds and stability. For example, Jim Howe recently clocked 207 mph with a screw blower. ProCharged cars might not hit those numbers but still perform reliably, often exceeding 200 mph.

Photo by Daddy Dave 

Daddy Dave’s return to ProCharger isn’t just a shot in the dark. He has a proven track record with ProChargers on NPK. Although he initially experimented with a twin turbo setup on Goliath in past seasons, it was the switch to a Hemi ProCharger that significantly boosted his performance and competitiveness.

This season, despite some promising moments with the twin turbos, the results have not met expectations. After six races, it became clear that the turbo setup wasn’t the best fit for the varied track conditions of NPK. So, Daddy Dave’s decision to revert to a ProCharger seems like the smart move, aiming to replicate the success he found in previous seasons.

While a few racers like Scott Taylor and Birdman continue to battle with their turbo setups, the general consensus in the paddock leans towards ProChargers and screw blowers being the more reliable and competitive choices under current rules. Even Jeff Lutz is expected to lean towards a ProCharger when his Mustang returns to the track.

Photo by Daddy Dave 

All eyes will be on Daddy Dave as he makes this pivotal switch. If history is any guide, this could be the turning point he needs to climb back to the top. Here’s hoping for an exciting and successful season ahead!

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