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Daddy Dave and Jerry Bird FIGHT??

Street Outlaws NPK (No Prep Kings) is known for its high-octane races, fierce rivalries, and adrenaline-fueled moments. In the midst of the thrilling competition, tensions can sometimes reach a boiling point. The 2021 season of Street Outlaws NPK witnessed a heated clash between two prominent racers, Daddy Dave and Jerry Bird. As emotions ran high and egos collided, an intense confrontation unfolded, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Join us as we delve into the details of this fiery encounter and the repercussions it had on the world of street racing.

Photo by CPaulshock Photography

If there were any doubts about the existence of animosity between Jerry Bird and the rest of the 405 crew, those doubts have been completely dispelled. During their previous encounters in street races, Jerry Bird has repeatedly voiced his concerns about the 405 crew altering their rules to manipulate the outcome when faced with a challenge. On the other hand, Daddy Dave maintains that he has always treated Jerry with nothing but respect and fairness, never resorting to underhanded tactics.

Photo by StreetOutlawVids

Regardless of their differing perspectives, it is clear that this time it was Jerry who engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct by anticipating the light.

Shawn "Murder Nova" Ellington, Jerry "Monza," and the rest of the 405 crew, who were present at the starting line, were in disbelief when Jerry wasn't disqualified for jumping the light. They were certain that he had made a premature start.

The issue for them was that although Jerry did jump the light, his car did not move far enough to break the beam before the green light illuminated. While this jump would result in disqualification on the street, the equipment used in this race deemed it a perfect anticipation rather than a false start. Naturally, Daddy Dave is deeply dissatisfied with the outcome of the race. Consequently, there were some heated exchanges between the two racers after the event. Each firmly believes they are in the right, further escalating the tension between them.

Photo by StreetOutlawVids

To get the full picture, watch the video to witness the events that unfolded at the starting line and the dramatic finish of this race.

Video by StreetOutlawVids

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