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Chuck & Boosted Start A FISTFIGHT As Tension Rises

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

In the world of street racing, one might think that the competition is fairly straightforward and there would never be any drama. On the outside looking in, somebody might wonder how there could possibly be any complication when a race is as simple as two cars going in a straight line from point A to point B.

Those who have been around the block once or twice, though, know that things can definitely be a lot more complicated than that. In fact, there are pretty frequent arguments when it comes to street racing. Sometimes, these arguments even escalate to the point where things get physical.

This time, we get to take a tour of some of the most dramatic moments on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings season 2 that ended up with a physical confrontation between Boosted GT and Chuck Seitsinger.

It all starts with Larry Larson and Birdman. Because of the ever-changing rules of the No Prep Kings Championship, Larry is unable to run his truck that he ran last year and in order to stay in the fight for the crown, Larry decided to build a brand-new car for this competition and retire the truck. Unfortunately, he was unable to get the car ready for the race so he decided to race against Birdman with the golf cart he uses to get around the track.

Photo by Rush Discovery NZ

While he was trying to have fun with the golf cart, he did not get around to telling the Stuarts at the track that he will be staging a vehicle, be it a golf cart or a race car. This meant that as soon as he brought the cart to the staging lane, he broke the beam and confused the system. This caused the system to red-light Birdman, something that Chuck took to heart, and started telling everybody that Birdman has lost the race.

Photo by Rush Discovery NZ

While this was not really the case and was not fair to Birdman, Boosted GT decided that Birdman would be declared the winner and the situation would be remedied due to the system malfunction. Well, we all know that Chuck is on the 405 team and Birdman losing would benefit Ryan Martin in his hunt for the crown.

Now all of a sudden, the trash talk is getting meaner and meaner and instead of co-hosting the event, Chuck and Boosted start fighting on the starting line, something that we have not seen before.

Now check out this video and see how it all happened.

Video by Rush Discovery NZ

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