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Brandon James Gets His Chevy II Nova Ready for No Prep Kings!

Brandon James, an avid car enthusiast, is eagerly preparing for the upcoming NPK (No Prep Kings) racing season with his cherished Chevy II, affectionately named "Nova." While he already possesses a new car, Brandon recognizes the importance of having a reliable backup for the intense season ahead. Driven by determination and a touch of affection, he sets out to ready his Nova, just in case.

The first task at hand involves addressing some maintenance issues with the Nova. Brandon acknowledges the need to give the car some extra attention before it can confidently serve as a backup. His plans include revamping the wiring, removing unnecessary weight from past events, and creating a new MID (Mid-Plate).

Upon inspecting the harnesses, Brandon realizes that they are in poor condition. Burned connections and damaged Deutsche connectors are evident. Undeterred by the challenge, he decides to fix and replace the entire harness, ensuring a fresh and reliable wiring system for the upcoming season.

Brandon's dedication to his Nova shines through as he diligently works on its restoration. Progress is made step by step. He successfully installs a new MID plate, retrieves the struts from Penske, and awaits the arrival of a mount for the canisters. While the wiring remains a work in progress, with some awaiting new ends from fuel Tech, Brandon remains optimistic and unwavering in his pursuit of getting the Nova race-ready.

Overcoming obstacles is par for the course for Brandon and his team. A setback occurs during the engine installation process when they realize the need for a different mid-plate. Undeterred by this hurdle, they quickly adapt, utilizing a spare mid-plate from the trailer. Brandon vows to replace it with a new spare, ensuring the Nova's reliability.

With the engine successfully installed, Brandon shifts his focus to the remaining wiring tasks, including the spark harness. He eagerly anticipates the arrival of necessary ends from fuel Tech to complete this crucial part of the restoration. The goal is to finish the wiring, make the Nova fully operational, and then shift the team's attention to preparing their Camaro for testing.

Brandon's commitment to his craft is truly admirable. He meticulously works on the Nova, ensuring it boasts top-notch components and performance. The engine is in place, and the wiring is nearly complete. The Nova proudly sports its MBK Wing, with the Rockers back in action. The four-link is ready to go, while the transmission will be temporarily borrowed from the Camaro.

As Brandon wraps up the current phase of work on the Nova, he turns his attention to the Camaro. The team's objective is to make the Camaro race-ready for the upcoming testing scheduled in a few weeks. With a determined spirit, Brandon ensures that every step of the preparation process is well-documented for fans to follow and stay updated.

In conclusion, Brandon's dedication to his Nova is fueled by passion and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, his love for racing and his relentless dedication shine through. Once the Nova is restored to its former glory, it will serve as a worthy backup for the NPK season. Brandon's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the thrill of the racing world.

Video by Brandon F’N James

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