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What Happened to BoostedGT

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

BoostedGT, the alias of Chris Hamilton, a former underground street race car driver who turned into a TV personality, gained prominence when he joined the cast of the successful reality TV series, "Street Outlaws," which aired on Discovery Channel in 2014. Since then, he has won multiple competitions, gained the title of race master, and cemented his position as one of the most popular figures in the street racing scene.

Although his TV shows have amassed a global following, BoostedGT is primarily recognized as a fearless racer who never backs down from any driving challenge. This article delves into his life before "Street Outlaws" and how he first ventured into street racing.

Early life and family

BoostedGT, who grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, had a relatively ordinary childhood. However, his father, an avid participant in an underground race circuit around the Miller Brewery area with his Chevrolet Chevelle from the 1960s to the 1980s, sparked his interest in cars and street racing. BoostedGT listened intently to his father's stories about his racing hobby and developed a fondness for classic race car drivers such as Bill Elliot, Richard Petty, and John Force.

Over the years, he absorbed his father's knowledge of cars and motors, including how to dismantle, modify, and reassemble a car. His father unknowingly laid the foundation for his future career, but at the time, BoostedGT believed that these lessons only served to help him repair his car's tires, brakes, and motor, saving him money by avoiding professional mechanics.

The origins of street car racing for BoostedGT

BoostedGT's street car racing journey began with his first car, a 1987 Chevrolet S10 Blazer, and his father's influence on his hobby. He later upgraded to a Chevelle with 400 horsepower, which he and his friends would race on the streets for fun. As he gained more experience, he traded up to cars with more power, including a Mustang with 600 horsepower. However, it wasn't until he acquired his iconic yellow 1995 Ford Mustang that he modified into a turbo car specifically for street racing.

Photo by BoostedGT

In the early 2000s, underground car shootouts were taking place in Houston, Texas, which inspired Chris "Limpy" Collins to start an underground racing circuit called "Cash Days" in Dallas. BoostedGT joined Limpy and other street racers in competing in the circuit, which quickly gained popularity in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond. Although street racing was illegal, the community grew as enthusiasts with connections to the racing crew participated in the events.

As "Cash Days" became more popular, racers from Oklahoma began to take notice, and a friendly rivalry between the Texas and Oklahoma drag racing crews emerged. While Limpy was approached by California TV studios to do a TV series about street racing, he declined the offer at the time because he didn't want to reveal his secrets to the public. BoostedGT became known as one of the OGs (old guys) of street car racing history in Texas before it gained mainstream attention through television shows.

BoostedGT's appearance on TV shows featured on the Discovery Channel

BoostedGT's expertise in car modification, driving skills, quick wit, and charming personality made him a regular on reality TV shows about car racing that were broadcasted on the Discovery Channel:

“Street Outlaws”

During an episode of "Street Outlaws," the Oklahoma racing crew traveled to Texas to compete against the locals, including BoostedGT. Following the event, BoostedGT joined the regular cast in the third season of the show. The storyline of the series suggested that after the race, BoostedGT had a change of heart and decided to move to Oklahoma to join the 405 crew. He participated in multiple seasons of the show, with the ultimate goal of making it onto Oklahoma's exclusive list of top racers. After putting in a great deal of effort, BoostedGT finally achieved his goal and secured a spot in the Top 5.

Photo by BoostedGT

“Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings”

After the huge success of the original "Street Outlaws" series, several spin-offs were created, including "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings." BoostedGT and other drivers from the original series were selected to participate in the new spin-off, which premiered on February 27th, 2018. The primary difference between the two shows was that the competition in "No Prep Kings" took place on non-prepped tracks. In contrast to the usual practice of spraying synthetic liquids on the track for better traction, the tracks in this show were left untested and rough.

“Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days”

After years of street car racing, BoostedGT was offered a new role as the race master for the franchise series "Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days". Instead of solely focusing on his car and driving skills, he would be hosting the event, similar to Limpy's "Cash Days" in Texas and Big Chief's "Street Outlaws" in Oklahoma. BoostedGT was honored to have been given this opportunity, despite the challenge of filling the big shoes of his predecessors. The Discovery Channel recognized his experience in the circuit since the mid-2000s, and the advantage of his knowledge gained from working with Limpy back then.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

BoostedGT's level-headed personality allowed him to work well with different personalities, including the 64 drivers and their three crews, which could easily lead to chaos if not managed correctly. In an interview, he emphasized the importance of making a call and sticking to it, owning it, and not getting run over by anyone with a strong hand. He learned from his racing experience to never take anything personally, as most of the time, people who lash out are upset at something else, not you. BoostedGT's humility and calmness contributed to his popularity among racing fans.

Some facts and rumors about Boosted:

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

He had a regular job

BoostedGT's life was not limited to being a reality TV star. Off-camera, he had two other significant roles: a dedicated father to his son and a military contractor. As a contractor, he had the opportunity to travel to several countries, but he managed his schedule efficiently to avoid any conflicts with his TV career.

His personal relationship with Kayla Morton

BoostedGT and Kayla Morton, both street car racers, were in a relationship and considered by many to be the power couple in the street racing community. Kayla grew up around race tracks and auto shops as her father was a racing pro in the 1980s. She was known as the top female street race driver in Oklahoma and was later featured on the TV show "Street Outlaws." BoostedGT and Kayla had similar backgrounds, which is why they hit it off quickly. At first, the Oklahoma crew gave him a hard time when they learned of their relationship, but they eventually accepted it.

However, fans are curious if they are still together as there are no recent photos of them together, and Kayla was not mentioned in BoostedGT's recent interviews. Some entertainment sites claim that they are married, but there is no proof to support this claim. It seems that their commitment to a long-term relationship is no longer evident.

BoostedGT’s take on the scripted TV show allegations

He revealed that he no longer bothered to check his inbox, which was filled with complaints and accusations from fans claiming that the show was rigged and fake. According to BoostedGT, it was pointless to argue or explain anymore. He clarified that the only control the Discovery Channel had over the show was ensuring that the streets were closed to prevent accidents.

Despite this, some viewers believed that before each season started, the TV producers handed out a list of winners, losers, and potential conflicts among the drivers. BoostedGT was frustrated with this belief, as he explained that while the TV studio wanted entertaining and controversial footage to boost ratings, there was no memo from the producers demanding it. The unpredictable nature of the race, with so many different personalities interacting, naturally produced tension and drama, making it unnecessary to script the events.

His feud with Chuck Seitsinger

BoostedGT was involved in a public altercation with fellow race driver Chuck Seitsinger during an episode of “Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings” in Maryland back in May 2019. The cameras caught the two having a heated verbal exchange at the starting line which escalated to a physical fight when Chuck threw water in BoostedGT’s face, prompting him to retaliate with punches. The altercation continued until other drivers intervened and separated them. BoostedGT's shirt was ripped during the fight, and he later auctioned it off for around $400, which he donated to charity. Fans were left wondering about the cause of the feud and why BoostedGT, who is typically calm, lost his patience on that day.

Photo by DNR Auto

What happened to Boosted on Street Outlaws?

Despite not racing for a while, BoostedGT remains connected to the "Street Outlaws" franchise series. He currently holds the position of race master for Discovery Channel, similar to Big Chief. Additionally, he has been consistently creating and sharing content on his official YouTube Channel.

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