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Bobby Ducote's No Prep Kings Season 7 Upgrade: Unveiling the Power Behind the Firebird

Street Outlaws fans, buckle up for the latest scoop on Bobby Ducote's preparation for No Prep Kings Season 7. In this article, we'll delve into the upgrades Bobby is making to his iconic Firebird, exploring the enhancements that might just propel him to new heights in the highly competitive world of street racing.

Photo by Bobby Ducote

Bobby Ducote's Journey So Far:

Bobby Ducote made waves when he introduced his new Firebird in Season 5, and Season 6 saw him holding his ground against top-level competitors despite not having the extravagant budget some of his rivals enjoy. The Maryland-built car showcased consistent performance, leaving fans eager to see what Bobby had in store for Season 7.

Upgrading for Success:

Bobby Ducote is leaving no stone unturned in his quest for victory. To make his Firebird more competitive and faster, he is undergoing significant upgrades for the upcoming season. The highlight of these enhancements is the installation of a larger ProCharger.

Photo by Bobby Ducote

The ProCharger Upgrade:

In the latest developments, Bobby is seen upgrading to a bigger ProCharger, specifically the F4 140 D1. This move indicates a strategic decision, possibly in anticipation of rule changes that might penalize the F4 136. While Bobby hasn't explicitly voiced concerns about the rules, this proactive upgrade suggests a commitment to staying ahead of the competition.

Speculations on Rule Changes:

Street Outlaws enthusiasts have been buzzing with speculations about rule changes for No Prep Kings Season 7. The consensus seems to lean towards potential penalties for the F4 136, making the F4 140 D1 a strategic choice for Bobby Ducote. The article delves into the perceived fairness of such rule changes and suggests a balanced approach to maintain competition integrity.

Photo by Bobby Ducote

Hanson Racing Engines Collaboration:

Bobby Ducote's engines are crafted by Hanson Racing Engines, initially built by Prine but now serviced and rebuilt by Mike Henson. Mike Henson, a familiar face on Street Outlaws, has been a crucial part of Bobby's racing endeavors, contributing to the speed and performance of the Firebird.

The Nitrous Origin and ProCharger Transition:

Originally designed to be a 959 muy deal nitrous setup, the Firebird underwent a transition to a ProCharger configuration. Despite the shift, Bobby has found success with the ProCharger, making his car a formidable contender in the No Prep Kings series.

Photo by Bobby Ducote

Advocacy for Weight Breaks:

The article touches upon the notion of providing weight breaks for older-style hemis that do not incorporate the latest advancements like the mh7 or 49 Nunan. Advocating for fairness, the suggestion is made that such weight breaks could level the playing field, enhancing the competitiveness of older-style hemis.

Bobby Ducote's commitment to upgrading his Firebird for No Prep Kings Season 7 reflects the relentless pursuit of speed and success. With a larger ProCharger in place and a dedicated team behind him, Bobby aims to take on the top-level competition and make his mark in the street racing world. As fans eagerly await the new season, the upgraded Firebird stands as a symbol of determination and the relentless pursuit of victory on the unforgiving streets. Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for more updates on Bobby Ducote's journey in Season 7 and other exciting Street Outlaws content.

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