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Bobby Ducote's Firebird Upgraded for No Prep Kings Season 7: A Closer Look

As the anticipation for No Prep Kings Season 7 builds up, fans are eager to see what upgrades their favorite racers have in store. One racer who's been making waves in the Street Outlaws scene is Bobby Ducote, and his Firebird is undergoing some serious transformations for the upcoming season.

Photo by Lil Legend "Bobby Ducote"

Originally debuting in the latter half of Season 5, Bobby Ducote's Firebird has been a formidable contender, but it struggled to keep up with the front runners in the last season. This isn't surprising considering the immense financial resources some of his competitors possess, allowing them to equip their rides with the latest high-performance components.

In a sport where every fraction of a second counts, Bobby Ducote recognized the need to step up his game. With a pragmatic approach, he decided to upgrade his Firebird significantly, aiming to enhance its performance and competitiveness on the No Prep Kings circuit.

One of the most notable upgrades is the installation of a larger pro charger. Swapping out the original 136 Pro charger, which has been a stalwart in the market for over a decade, Bobby opted for either the F4 140 or the F4 136, both renowned for their performance capabilities. This upgrade promises to significantly increase the Firebird's power output, giving Bobby a fighting chance against his adversaries with state-of-the-art equipment.

Photo by Lil Legend "Bobby Ducote"

But power alone isn't enough to secure victory in the fiercely competitive world of street racing. Recognizing this, Bobby Ducote's team also invested in chassis improvements and a brand-new rear end for the Firebird. These enhancements aim to not only make the car faster but also more consistent, crucial for success in the unpredictable environment of no-prep racing.

With these upgrades, Bobby Ducote is poised to be a serious contender in No Prep Kings Season 7. His Firebird now boasts the capability to run in the coveted 3.70s and 3.80s range, essential for staying competitive in the current landscape of street racing.

While the sport may be increasingly dominated by big-budget teams, Bobby Ducote's upgrades prove that determination and strategic investments can level the playing field. With a car that's primed for success, Bobby is ready to challenge the established hierarchy and carve out his place among the elite of street racing.

Photo by Lil Legend "Bobby Ducote"

As fans eagerly await the start of No Prep Kings Season 7, all eyes will be on Bobby Ducote and his upgraded Firebird, eager to see if these enhancements will propel him to victory on the unforgiving streets.

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